I follow rivers.


This morning a sweet little kitty cat came to say ‘hello’. He was really sweet (and curious) and came to me for some cuddles. Perfect start of the day.
While riding to the weaving atelier I saw some of these amazing flowers. I had to stop to take a picture of them.
Today I also had a coffee with a lovely friend. While we were talking a man came to us and showed me a picture of his grandmom who was crocheting. He said that the picture was already a few days in his pocket, because he wanted to show it to me. He always saw me crocheting, and that reminded him to that picture. I think that’s really sweet, and it’s heartwarming to see that he carried the picture with him for a few days, just to show me. I love the picture a lot.

I believe that the plant I’ve got from Mieke, already grew a bit. Or is it just in my head… I can’t stop listening to this song. Repeat repeat repeat. Oh, and my exam about melancholy went great.


23 Responses to “I follow rivers.”

  1. Mdmslle Says:

    What a lovely story! The kitty introduced you to a perfect day, it seems!

  2. Mdmslle Says:

    PS: Congrats to your successful work about melancholy! Such an interestinge theme I think!

  3. What a nice special man! Not many would have done that, carried the picture around or even brought it with them.

  4. Marguerite Says:

    Lieve leuke kat en mooi plantje. Ook het verhaal van de foto is schoon!

  5. Anne Says:

    mooi verhaal, mooie plaatjes!

  6. Iris Vank Says:

    Wat bijzonder, het verhaal van de foto. En wat een schat van een kat!

  7. coco Says:

    how nice story that is.
    Do you crochet wherever you go!? must be
    relaxing to do that in the park.

  8. kristina Says:

    A lovely set of pictures!

  9. alessandra Says:

    I love this story! congrats for your exam as well ❤

  10. jenny Says:

    a lovely story

  11. hé hermine, was die tekenaar een Nederlander en heette hij misschien Roeland???
    mijn plantje groeit niet zo snel als het jouwe 😦

  12. Adorable pics! A sweet cat is the perfect start to a day!

    Camila F.

  13. Nicole Says:

    How absolutely charming. It’s amazing the tender little threads of connection we can sometimes draw between strangers. i love that when it happens!

  14. Pauline Says:

    Gezellig, even een knuffel en praatje met kat in de morgen. Bijzonder dat die man speciaal voor jou die foto zocht en meenam om aan je te laten zien.
    Liefs, Pauline

  15. Katrine K Says:

    This is a wonderful story, and you are a wonderful story-teller..! Thanks for commenting on my blog, so I could find your site!

  16. ik zal meer moeten praten dan, want klara staat al de ganse dag op 🙂
    je mag Roeland altijd de groeten doen van mij!

  17. Jaime rugh Says:

    I love the story of the admirer with his grandmotherS picture in pocket. Incredibly sweet.

  18. if jane Says:

    this is a pretty series…

  19. Michelle Says:

    What a lovely story! I always crochet at tram or bus 🙂 ANd I have the same plant at my home – do you know what’s name of that plant?
    Kind regards from Poland!

  20. […] a beautiful pincushion en a basket. On that market I saw that funny bird. Yesterday I saw the cat again, I was running after him. Because I was so happy to see him again. He’s such a sweet […]

  21. […] met Mister Bruno again yesterday, he always makes me so so happy. A beautiful song to wish you a happy […]

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