My name is Hermine, and I’m a textile designer. I live and work in Antwerp, Belgium. Mostly i’m in love with weaving. I love to spend all my time in my atelier to weave scarves. Next to that I love to crochet, doing embroideries, carpet design, making walks, drinking coffees, cats, … .

‘Journal de Jours’ is my diary of memories, founded in 2009. It’s a collection of things that I design, things that I see around me, projects, dreams, … .

If you have questions, or just want to tell me a lovely story … feel free to contact me.


scarf nr° 14



scarf nr° 8


19 Responses to “About”

  1. […] por las que abrí este cuaderno, es porque vagando en internet me encontré con este blog donde Hermine sube fotos de las cosas lindas de la vida: una carpeta tejida, una planta, un pay de moras. Me […]

  2. Hello Hermine,
    Ik ben de artist van “ville onirique” and ik ben zeer blij dat je over mijn werk praten op je blog. Dank u wel!!!!veel proficiat voor je werk ook, ik houdt van…ik leef in een klein dworp in wallonie…en ik houd van Antwerpen and Gent!!! ik plaats je blog in mijn favoriten!! goed werk! Lysiane

  3. coco Says:

    taking photos of your feet! Silly girl you are!!
    Love your work.

  4. Cassandra Says:

    Hello Hermine!

    I stumbled upon your blog and found your post about letters. Would you be interested in exchanging mail? I was also thrilled that your last name is “Van Dijck” – the origin of my own last name!

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  5. elizabeth sellers Says:

    Hi Hermine,
    I just love your blog, it is so inspiring. We share a love of birds, textiles and plants!I would love to exchange mail if you are interested. I live in Sydney Australia, a long way away….let me know and i’ll send you my address,

  6. Dana Komjaty Says:

    Hi Hermine, by ‘aacident’ i stumbled across your blog today. It kept me locke my eyes for the past hour or so. It’s a very inspiring life you lead. Your work is gorgeous..

  7. K. Says:

    Hello Hermine,
    May I ask why you write in English?

    • Dearest K.,

      I first wrote my blog in dutch, but I noticed that more and more people start reading my blog, and that they said ‘nice pictures, so sad that i can’t understand what you are saying’. So because of that I started writing in english. S everyone can read my stories. I’m not so good in english, but I try to do the best that I possible can.

  8. K. Says:

    I give you two thumbs up! For your effort, and the lovely things you create. Keep it up! 🙂

  9. […] love for the color pink.  Luckily she posted this picture from the very talented textile designer Hermine Vandijck.  I am now completely hooked and cannot stop scrolling through her blog. I just am fascinated by […]

  10. Labrynthe Says:

    Hello, miss Hermine. I have been following you for a while and I think that you run quite an interesting and inspiring blog. I nominated you for an Inspiring blog award. You do not have to participate in this but you can check it out if you like.

    Here’s the shortlink to the post:

    Good day to you 🙂

  11. hello Hermine!happy to meet you!really beautiful work!


  12. Nicole Says:

    Hi Hermine. I stumbled upon your incredible work and blog today and I am so blown away by your talent! Do you have an online shop as I would be keen to purchase one of your beautiful blankets or weavings… I live in Sydney, Australia..


  13. Kristine Says:

    hello! your blog is so great and all the things you do are really inspiring. i was wondering if you have studied at university and where you have worked? i’m thinking about studying design and it would be great to hear a bit about the different opportunities or whatever because i’m not really sure where to begin.
    thanks a lot in advance and best wishes,

  14. Pomme coing Says:

    Hello hermine!
    I just wanted to stop by to tell you how much I love you work. And also, my. amen is Hermine too… And it’s not that common 😉
    Keep weaving, it’s beautiful!

  15. Myriam Fernandez Says:

    I just started weaving and I founded a picture on Pinterest about a nice scarf that you made. I was wandering if you would share your draft. It’s beautiful. Off white and gray or blue pale

    Thanks you

  16. Myriam Fernandez Says:

    hi again
    Thank you

  17. Love your work! ❤
    What type of loom do you use?

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