Winter mood.


My crochetwork is almost finished. I’m always so excited, because then I can start a new one. The next doily will be a light blue, from the thread I once got as a present from Inge. It’s time to use this beautiful bobbin.

Last weekend I was talking with the lady that lives next to me about my inside garden. She was surprised and showed me her little home which was filled with plants. She gave me a few cuts from her plants, and also the plant which you can see on the picture. I’m so so happy with her gifts. Does someone know what the name of this plant is ? It has silky , round leaves.

See you this weekend, dear friends.

| Finally wearing a birthday-present-scarf-from-Peru | Love the new catalogue from Sessun | You should have a look at this amazing video. It’s like a dream | Can’t get enough of this song|


A happy weaver.


Today i’m a very very happy weaver. It was so busy the last few weeks that I didn’t had the time to weave. And finally, today, after such a long time, I went weaving again. And it made me super happy. Life is so lovely, I have a lot of new ideas and new energy. Let’s start !

And the day was even greater, because I had some coffee with my dear friend Sophie. And she had a gift for me, a new Pilea peperomioides !!! You can see him in the bike-picture. Thank you so much !

Oh, and another little thing. Today I went to my favourite shop in Ghent, they moved to a new location and it was so beautiful. I made a serie of pictures, but I believe that they need some special attention, so I’ll show them to you in a few days.

Oh, and a few days I had this lovely evening on a boat. We ate pancakes and strawberries. It wa so amazing that I start dreaming of living in a boat one day. Wouldn’t that be amazing ?

I follow rivers.


This morning a sweet little kitty cat came to say ‘hello’. He was really sweet (and curious) and came to me for some cuddles. Perfect start of the day.
While riding to the weaving atelier I saw some of these amazing flowers. I had to stop to take a picture of them.
Today I also had a coffee with a lovely friend. While we were talking a man came to us and showed me a picture of his grandmom who was crocheting. He said that the picture was already a few days in his pocket, because he wanted to show it to me. He always saw me crocheting, and that reminded him to that picture. I think that’s really sweet, and it’s heartwarming to see that he carried the picture with him for a few days, just to show me. I love the picture a lot.

I believe that the plant I’ve got from Mieke, already grew a bit. Or is it just in my head… I can’t stop listening to this song. Repeat repeat repeat. Oh, and my exam about melancholy went great.



Today I feel like green. With my green coat, and lovely new green basket.

cycling in the beautiful morning sun.

Today I bumped into this beautiful poster on the street. I was immediately in love, and it gave me the idea to occasionally share my favourite-free-time-spending with you all.

Tomorrow I’m off to Paris for 2 days, visiting an expo with textile from around the world, some walking, and an exhibition. I will take my “words-for-strangers”-project with me to Paris, to surprise the French people. Can’t wait to hang those little messages on their bikes.

Friday bikeday. (7)


These days are pretty difficult to take pictures on my bike. It’s raining all the time, it’s to cold to take my mittens of to puch on the button of my photocamera, … . So, here is a small friday bikeday. Oh, and look at this little movie about biking.


Friday bikeday. (6)