Weaving project

Soon I would love to open my own online store, a place to sell my handwoven designs. At the moment I’m busy with creating pouches, scarves, and still doing some research to design cusions and maybe a carpet.

Letter project

I love to write letters, not just using words, but really make packages to make someone feel special. It was a big dream of mine to write with people all over the world, and even meet them. And finally that dream is came true. You can find more information about the letter-project on my letter-blog.

Words for strangers

I walk in the city, and hang sweet words on peoples bikes. Words for strangers, to make them feel happy, maybe the little notes even change their lives. Hope one day, I’ll get some reaction from people who found a note on their bikes. That would make me feel like a million dollars.
Feel free to visit my words-for-strangers-blog.


A collection of crocheted doilies. I call them “rosetta”.

Walk Walk Walk

For a long time I’m fascinated by walking in the city, about discovering new things, about the people we pass on the street, things we find on the streets, … . This project is an ode to walking in the city, one of my biggest loves.
You can see more video’s up here.

One Response to “Projects”

  1. Mirja Wark Says:

    Hoi Hermine, Je blog is prachtig “licht”. De kleuren en de manier waarop je over weven spreekt. Ik ben zelf een weefster en wens je succes toe met je droom een webshop te beginnen. Ken je de D(esign)-dag in Maastricht? Van 30 mei t/m 1 juni 2014 in de Timmerfabriek. Ik ben er ook met Golden Haand uit Finsterwolde. Mirja

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