Sometimes there are days that some things just don’t want to work. I’m a little bit stressy about my final project, and the problem about that is, when I try to weave I think to much. I forget to feel because of the nerves. In this situations I’m not productive, so I had to do something else today, to calm down my nerves.

I still was in front of my weavingloom this afternoon, but I didn’t make samples for my final-project. I made some fabrics to make little bags or wallets of. I love the pattern in the light blue fabrics, I think it’s delicate. One will be for my crocheting materials. Because my needles and wool are always lost in my handbag. So I think a handmade pochet will be great for that. One will be for a nice friend. And the other one is for someone special.
Tonight I will sew them into real bags. I show them to you soon. I almost can’t wait till it’s next week, because then I start the full-time-weaving-project. Soon it will be ‘weaving-paradise’ up here.

Enjoy your weekend, go for a coffee an let the wind play with your hair. Read a nice book, or let you thoughts go to another world. Surprise someone you love. Do something you always want to do but never took the time for. Go for a long walk and collect some nice things in your pockets. Just be delighted.


12 Responses to “Delight.”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hermine, those fabrics are PERFECT. Oh, I’m in love! So beautiful!

    Have a lovely weekend, and try not to be too “stressy”—I think you made up a word there, but I love it (and will use it myself).

  2. Annelies Says:

    Lieve Hermine,

    Op een dag zoals deze,waar niks wil lukken, moet je niet denken aan de negatieve kant, maar er altijd een positief iets uit halen.
    Volg je eigen raad, ga iets drinken, kijk naar de lucht wanneer het begint te regenen, leg je lievelingsmuziek op en bak je beste taart!

    Je komt er wel, je bent er bijna, geef niet op!
    Je kunt het!!!!


  3. Alyson Says:

    Those pieces are beautiful. I hope you are able to find peace so that you can finish your projects happily. I have faith that they will turn out to be perfectly lovely.

  4. jospittler Says:

    The weaving is incredible. How did you learn? Do you sell?
    I am enjoying your archives so much. Antwerp seems a very nice artistic place to be.

    • Dear Jo,
      I learned a bit how to weave at school (I study textile design), but it is also a lot of self-study. Try and error. Next week I start weaving things to sell. But you also can contact me if you have some special ideas, that is the weaving on order.

      thank you so much for your lovely words.

      • Jo Spittler Says:

        Thank you Hermine,

        your blog is such a treasure trove. I drift into a nice world of lovely things to see and do. I will certainly look at your shop (online I assume?). The patterns you weave are magical.

        Warm regards!

  5. inge Says:

    Hermine, zo’n mooi weefwerk! En soms, heel soms (of vaak, zoals bij mij) moet je eens van dat rechte pad afwijken, een ommetje maken. Maar dat ommetje is meestal niet zinloos.
    Weet je waar ik nu eens zin in heb? Een wandeling in de akker, de wind rond de oren, geest open en daarna thuiskomen en een kop koffie maken, de tafel ondertussen dekken met een VanDijck’blauw gehaakt rondje…..

  6. Patrice A. Says:

    wat prachtig!
    het weefsel
    de kleuren

  7. Balthazar Says:

    I love your suggestions for having a nice weekend. I hope that you have the most delightful weekend, too. Sing a little song if you get stressy (I love this word you made up).

  8. Jaime rugh Says:

    Such a beautiful series of pictures hermine! The last one especially I love.
    I do not work too well when I think so much.

  9. Rebecca Says:

    Oh, I especially like the blue fabric in your first two photographs. It makes me think of Yeat’s poem, ‘Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven’ —
    “…the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
    Enwrought with golden and silver light,
    The blue and the dim and the dark cloths…”

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