Already for a long time, I was searching for a kaleidoscope. Yesterday I finally found one, and I love it. I can’t stop watching through it, it’s like a new world is opening himself through this thing, so magical.

The kaleidoscoop will join me everywhere from now on, it’s in my handbag when i’m walking, it’s next to my bed when i’m sleeping, and it’s on the table while I’m working. So happy.

Hope you all have a good start of the week. Let the magic go on !

There is a large letter update. Check out the new received letters, and preparations for the new exhibition.


Glimps of spring.


Sunny cold sunday.

It’s like I notice the first glimps of spring. The flower is start to open, it grows in a special glazen pot, and it’s so beautiful to see his roots grow.
I’m preparing a new exhibition about the letters called ‘Boîte aux lettres’, I’m planning to do something with a big worldmap. I’ve been neglecting the letters for a while, because it was so busy. So some of you are waiting already a long time for a letter of me. But soon, your mailboxes will be happy again, because there are some letters on their way.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Vibeke received the beautiful-flower-book that I’ve send her. Love it to see it in her hands.


A mix-match of different things that surround me lately.

1. I’m into blue again. Blue dress, blue cardigan, blue scarf, blue bag and red lips. That’s what I love these days.

2. Spending some time in the library for research for my masterproof, but can’t ignore the art-books. They are always so beautiful, and filled with inspiration. The book you see in the pictures is about realism, and I love the colours in there landscapes.

3. On Friday I went to the exhibition of my teacher, Diane Steverlynck, at ‘valerie traan’ in Antwerp. Her work is so strong, simple but well-thought. It’s really worth your visit.

4. A snap of my mood-book.

5. Yesterday when I was walking home, I saw a lot of these colourfull balloons in the sky, and suddenly there were some children walking with all these balloons in their hands. In my imagination they flew into the air. Hanging on 100 balloons

Just one day, and then the weekend is there again.
Enjoy it.

I’m searching for a vintage worldmap. It’s very urgent ! Is there someone who have it, and want to lend it, or want to offer it for sale. Please please please.



When I was busy with making potholders, I was thinking about making cushions for my chair. The yellow one is the first cushion, but I’m not completely happy about the colours. But number two is perfect to me. The light blue with sparkles are my all-time-favourite, so perfect for making a cusion with. It still need a cotton back, and maybe some soft filling, and then they will be ready to use. Another new free-time-spending-addiction is born ?

Have a a lovely weekend.

Thank you all for your support on my last post. I decided to continue, because that’s what my heart tells me to.

I took the last picture at Le Jardin Bohémien, a lovely place in Ghent.



‘Sinterklaas’ brought me a lovely gift, this book. (you can see it on the second picture). I’m very much in love with it. Yesterday I also found another book about how to make baskets. The book really fits me well, because I have a basket addiction. Maybe I have to show you my collection soon. Look forward to try to make some myself, a new project is born !

When my cats were little I always carried them in my cardigan, because I think that it reminds them of their mothers womb (like I did here. ). Now my cats are grown up, but I still enjoy to carry them under my cardigan. So warm and cosy. But they don’t like it so much, they always want to jump out of it.

Enjoy this cold sunday.

New letter-update, and also words-for-strangers news.

For 4 years already I live at the same place, just a few months ago I discovered the most beautiful house in the world. In my street ?! Everyday, when I’m on my way to school with my bike, I try to look inside the house. Everything looks so beautiful. Today I took some pictures of the windows. So funny that the house-owner also love to grow his own vegetables. Oh, and look at those lovely flower-curtains, I think it’s so beautiful to see the light play with it. Maybe one day I try to ring the bell, and dare to tell the house-owners how much I love their place, and maybe I dare to ask if I might have a look inside and take some pictures.

I loved the fog of a few days ago, it looks like living in a dream.



A few years ago I discovered the “moleskine diaries”. From that moment my addiction to these beautiful paperware have started. I always love the moment that I can buy a new agenda for the next year, because it always feels like a new start. My agenda is a collection of little treasures that I find, flowers, feathers, beautiful papers, …. . I always chose one picture a week to stick in my agenda, because I don’t like it when it’s empty and clean.

Think I would be really sad if I would lose this book, because it’s really a big part of me. I wonder, are you so attached to your agenda as well ? And how does he look like ?

|I bought the new cd of Florence & the machine, I’m listening to it over, over and over again. | Look at the pilea-plant, he looked like this a few months ago, and now he already need a bigger pot |