The previous two weeks were very busy, working on several projects at the same time and had important deadlines. So I didn’t had the time to take pictures and blogging. But I’m back, still with my mind with my projects, but I’m relaxed.

Today was such a lovely day, first time in more than 2 weeks that I could effort a day off.

° I did a book swap with Ward Zwart. I gave him a book about gardening and a few baby-plants, and he gave me his lovely ‘Mostly Cola’ book. (He’s incredible talented).
° I repotted my avocado’s, and putted 3 of my pits together in a pot. Hope it will transform into a giant tree.
° Went to my 2 favourite coffeebars in Antwerp, Normo and La Chascona, to drink some relax coffee.
° I’m wearing my blue dress. Found it a little while ago for 1 euro.
° Making a crochetwork for someone special.
° All my plants are growing so fast. Like this little baby-plant I’m making, look up here, when he still was a baby. Does someone know how the name of this plant ?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Until soon.










The sun is shining, the blossoms are there. It’s like colours are rising up everywhere around me.

This makes me want to go on holiday. I’m even dreaming of starting up a new life somewhere else for a little while. Another country, other people, … for a few months, or maybe a year. Just to be on my own, with a weavingloom on a quite island. Weave scarfs and make carpets without pressure. Oh, how great would that be ? Maybe next year when I’m graduated I’ll be able to go to another country for a few months. Fingers crossed that I will be selected to get a scholarship.

And, I want to go to Paris. Next week ?

By the way, I’m so busy last weeks, so I don’t find the time to update my words-for-strangers-blog. Flaurette did a magical spread of the words, you can look at her pictures up here. Last weekend I already showed a few new letters that I’ve received. The others are following next weekend. Thank you all for sending me those lovely letters, they make me feel so blessed.

And sorry that everything takes so long before I can show them to you. My time-management is a bit chaotic last weeks.



Today is the first day of spring. I’m so happy about that. This morning someone on the radio told about why the spring started today, an not on the 21th. It’s because the sun is at the same place as the equator. That’s something I didn’t knew. It’s a beautiful day, and it will be better the next few days, I think I will be able to wear my new summer shoes during the weekend. Yes !

I made a little workarea at school, and I’m so glad I did that. It’s next to a big window with views on a beautiful garden. The next months I will spend a lot of time over there. But I doesn’t mind. I can leave all my working materials at my desk, and making moodboards on the walls.

Happy start of the spring !!

I’m making a work with my kaleidoscoop, and it works !



Already for a long time, I was searching for a kaleidoscope. Yesterday I finally found one, and I love it. I can’t stop watching through it, it’s like a new world is opening himself through this thing, so magical.

The kaleidoscoop will join me everywhere from now on, it’s in my handbag when i’m walking, it’s next to my bed when i’m sleeping, and it’s on the table while I’m working. So happy.

Hope you all have a good start of the week. Let the magic go on !

There is a large letter update. Check out the new received letters, and preparations for the new exhibition.

Give it a try.


Today was an exiting day, because I did an interview and a little ‘fotoshoot’. I was a little bit nervous but it was so nice. Sofie (the journalist) was very sweet and beautiful, and it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with her.

At the moment this is all I can show / tell you. But soon, when the interview will be published, I’ll tell you more about this wonderful project. I’ll keep you posted.

Koffiekletsen‘ is a project of Sofie, where she shares lovely coffee-places, beautiful shops, … with the world. It’s worth your visit.

Thank you Stan & Dries for your beautiful interiour.

Glimps of spring.


Sunny cold sunday.

It’s like I notice the first glimps of spring. The flower is start to open, it grows in a special glazen pot, and it’s so beautiful to see his roots grow.
I’m preparing a new exhibition about the letters called ‘Boîte aux lettres’, I’m planning to do something with a big worldmap. I’ve been neglecting the letters for a while, because it was so busy. So some of you are waiting already a long time for a letter of me. But soon, your mailboxes will be happy again, because there are some letters on their way.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Vibeke received the beautiful-flower-book that I’ve send her. Love it to see it in her hands.


A mix-match of different things that surround me lately.

1. I’m into blue again. Blue dress, blue cardigan, blue scarf, blue bag and red lips. That’s what I love these days.

2. Spending some time in the library for research for my masterproof, but can’t ignore the art-books. They are always so beautiful, and filled with inspiration. The book you see in the pictures is about realism, and I love the colours in there landscapes.

3. On Friday I went to the exhibition of my teacher, Diane Steverlynck, at ‘valerie traan’ in Antwerp. Her work is so strong, simple but well-thought. It’s really worth your visit.

4. A snap of my mood-book.

5. Yesterday when I was walking home, I saw a lot of these colourfull balloons in the sky, and suddenly there were some children walking with all these balloons in their hands. In my imagination they flew into the air. Hanging on 100 balloons

Just one day, and then the weekend is there again.
Enjoy it.

I’m searching for a vintage worldmap. It’s very urgent ! Is there someone who have it, and want to lend it, or want to offer it for sale. Please please please.



– 15 °C , that’s the temperature outside. It’s cold, but I love it so much. It also have snowed on friday, everything is covered under a thick layer of white glitters. I think the light on these sunny cold days, is the most beautiful of the whole year. Don’t you think ?

There are some big dilemma’s in my head. Wether to go on, or to quit. To follow my heart, or to follow my mind. To do what I like, or what others wants me to do. Difficult. So I wish for the new week that I will find the answers.

Hope you all have a good start of the week.

Blue sparkles.


A mix of blue things.
What you see:

– I’m doing some silkscreening these days. But this is just the start, it still needs more layers. More colours and some embroidery.
– A letter for Vibeke.
– The dress of my dreams, from Mina Perhonen. I’m wishing wishing wishing that it will be mine one day. Love it so much.
– A beautiful message that I found on a wall at the exhibition.
– Just discovered the beautiful music of Ben Howard. Love it.

Have a lovely evening, and enjoy the freezing cold. I can’t stop smiling, because this is my favourite weather. So cold, but sunny. Perfect !



First of all I want to thank you all for your support and lovely words on my previous post.

The doctor finally found the reason of my illness, some kind of rare bacteria in my stomach. So at the moment I’m taking some medicines, hopefully they make me healthy soon.

The only thing that I could do last week, was step from the couch into my bed, and watch a few movies. I felt so locked up. Yesterday I finally was able to make a little walk, and I even drunk a coffee (that made me feel sick again afterwards …). So hopefully in a few days I will be the good-old-Hermine again, and do some weaving, go to school, ride my bike, finish the word-for-strangers-project, and feel alive again. Yes.

Have a good start of the week.