High in the city.


These days were very busy, I had two important talks with very inspiring peoples. Very stressy, but so interesting. Happy I went for a talk with them.

I also want to show you a little part of my books, these ones are about gardening. There are a few books that I bought in the bookstore, but there are also a lot I found in the thrift store. They always are very cheap, retro and full with interesting information about all the plants. I can use that information, because at the moment I’m writing an article about inside gardening for our school magazine. Next week I have to finish it, I hope I can make people curious about inside gardening. It’s so lovely to do. I hope the article will be like in my head.


6 Responses to “High in the city.”

  1. inge Says:

    Het lijkt me een artikel waar ik heel veel uit kan leren. Waarom, tante Hermine, gaan al mijn planten stuk in huis?
    Ik voel het niet aan vrees ik. Te veel water of juist te weinig. Aan het raam. Weg van een warmtebron. Misschien moet het allemaal wat te georganiseerd verlopen voor mij.
    Laat het artikel op de woorden in je hoofd lijken. Veel succes.

  2. Alicia Says:

    i love inside gardening, i have a lot of orchids (without flowers), ficus, sainpaulias.. I also like second hand plants books they are so inspiring! Good luck with your article!

  3. Grijze Dagen Says:

    ik vind die pot op de vierde foto zo schoon gevuld, die kleuren!

  4. JK Says:

    BEAUTIFUL books. I love the retro-looking graphs in the first image.

  5. Keia Says:

    It is always so wonderful to find vintage books in the thrift store, the photos are so great. I also love inside gardening…but for some reason I always get into the mood to plant things during the winter time, which I am sure is not always good for the plant… maybe it is wishing for green in a time of grey? Anyway, happy writing!

  6. Lovely World Says:

    I am always bringing home old books as well. My favorites are nature guides, children’s books, and art books. I just linked to you – regarding your indoor gardening! Hope you are well. PS. I really like the weaving you are doing. I am curious about your zip pouches.

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