It was my big dream to write peoples from all directions of the world. I always was hoping that maybe my blog could help me to make that dream come true. And I think it is now. I always so happy when I find a lovely lettre in my mailbox. It’s so heartwarming. I’m really thankfull of all these nice peoples who take the time to write me. I love to write them back, it’s such an adventure to write unknown people. I try to make a lovely lettre with little souvernirs for the people I write, I really enjoy doing that.
So would you love to write lettres with a belgian girl, than I would love to be the one. Just ask me for my adres, or send yours to me. And we can start.

When I was a little girl I was collecting stamps, I think I will start again. They are so beautiful, their shapes, the stamps on it from the country the lettre was send.

Thank you Pierre, Alice, Inge, Lynn, Balthazar for your sweet words, lovely creations and beautiful postcards.


16 Responses to “Lettres.”

  1. Abraham Says:

    Geniet ervan! Ook later zul je er, hoop ik, met veel genoegen op terugkijken en veel herlezen, je afvragen wat er van al je correspondenten is geworden…

  2. Studio Meez Says:

    Je moet eens een kijkje nemen op http://www.postcrossing.com
    Ik ben er nu een jaar mee bezig en heb bijna 200 postkaarten ontvangen en verstuurd. Je begint met 5 willekeurige adressen, als je eerste kaartje ontvangen is krijg je er zelf eentje enz. Ik kan nu bijna elke dag een kaartje verwachten in de bus. Elke dag een verassing 🙂

  3. jasmin Says:

    oh I think that Balthazar has written you a love letter Hermine.

    It really is quite beautiful.
    Would you like some Australian stamps in an envelope?
    I have collected for years. I was thinking of asking all my blogger friends if they wanted to swap any.
    They really are like little pieces of art aren’t they?

  4. Amanda Says:

    Oh Hermine… what a nice activity. I also love letter writing but have had little time for it as of late. It’s always great to receive such beautiful little treasures/surprises in the mail. I enjoy reading about your gifts here!

  5. Grijze Dagen Says:

    Ah, Meez heeft u de tip die ik u ging geven al gegeven..!

  6. pierre Says:

    can we call that virtual reality ?

    you’re welcome !

  7. Alice Says:

    Because I love you !

  8. JK Says:

    I’m glad you found my blog, and that I found yours too! I agree: I think we like the same things.

    I’ll email you my address, and we can send some mail?

  9. Mandy Says:

    How wonderful, the written word is so special, I love the little postcard with the dog !!!!

  10. Koey Says:

    I used to collect stamps as well.Receving letters of written words is really delightful but sadly I seldom receive one.

  11. hallo fox friend!
    your blog is just splendid!
    I enjoy your array of wonderment on display!
    ❤ merry christmas!
    happy blogging! x x x

  12. callmebalthazar Says:

    Hooray! It makes me so very happy that my letter found you!

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