Living in a white world.


There is falling a lot of snow here in Belgium. I like it so much, everyone have to be calm and slowly. I love: to look outside and see a white landscape, to feel the freezing cold on my face, to drink a warm coffee after a cold walk, to wear a lot of clothes, … . I just love winter. It’s the perfect moment to wear my own woven scarfs. Today I’m wearing a white/blue one, he’s very soft. And I think the pattern looks like little snowflakes, so I believe this one fits so good with the weather.

After a long time of doubting I descided to throw my mask away, and to show you my first face. So I would love to say this to you all: “hello !”.

(tis week I will upload some walk-walk-walk-movies, and a blooper. )


16 Responses to “Living in a white world.”

  1. Ingrid Says:

    Ik hou ook zo van sneeuw..het gedempte geluid,het vreemde licht.En je hebt zo’n mooie sjaal aan, ik hou van de kleur en het patroon dat er in zit.

  2. I looove these snowy pictures!

  3. Marion Says:

    beautiful scarf!
    i’m in the south of france right now, there’s the sun – i’d like some snow!! your pictures make me dream!

  4. Abraham Says:

    Mooie foto’s! Ook zonder masker zie je er leuk uit;-)

  5. Kellie Says:

    All that snow look so beautiful. It’s in the middle of summer where I am and very hot! Very lovely to see your gorgeous face too. Kellie xx

  6. Holly Says:

    hello hermine!

  7. Mandy Says:

    Oh hello …. you are lovely, nice to put a face to all your lovely posts. I’m thinking of asking people to send in photos for my “What Made you Happy Today” blog, so maybe you could now be a part of it …. I still haven’t shown my face yet … I’m waiting till I get a good photo !!!
    Mandy 16 HOUSE

  8. Lovely World Says:

    Hello! You look so pretty. And I want it to snow here too!

  9. erika Says:

    Hello Hermine! Its good to know your face, you are very pretty.
    The scarf is so nice!! and it seems to be very warm.
    I wish we have snow in winters, but it doesn´t happens in México. So I enjoy so much your photos and posts where you share the winter feeling over there.

  10. Elisabelle Says:

    hi there!
    indeed, lovely scarf:)

  11. mirabellef Says:

    Hello hello Hermine !
    Really beautiful scarf.

  12. kristina Says:

    Hello Hermine 🙂
    Your scarf is beautiful! Your whole outfit looks very nice!

  13. if jane Says:

    nice snow photos
    and you are pretty!

  14. natalie Says:

    Lovely photos, such pretty soft tones. I love snow too.

  15. sasha Says:

    you’re so beautiful. as i imagined:)) it’s so nice finally to see the face behind the blog:)

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