The photoshoot today was a great succes, thanks to the lovely photographer, Eefje. The beautiful and inspiring models Maud and Marie. And Robbert’s beautiful home. I’m so very happy about it. Next saturday I’ll see the results, because Eefje still use films. So it take a little while to develop. I almost can’t wait to see the results.

Happy weekend.







Today is the first day of spring. I’m so happy about that. This morning someone on the radio told about why the spring started today, an not on the 21th. It’s because the sun is at the same place as the equator. That’s something I didn’t knew. It’s a beautiful day, and it will be better the next few days, I think I will be able to wear my new summer shoes during the weekend. Yes !

I made a little workarea at school, and I’m so glad I did that. It’s next to a big window with views on a beautiful garden. The next months I will spend a lot of time over there. But I doesn’t mind. I can leave all my working materials at my desk, and making moodboards on the walls.

Happy start of the spring !!

I’m making a work with my kaleidoscoop, and it works !



I’m happy to show you a first peek into my new textile works. (I made the textiles samples a while ago, but I didn’t dare to show them yet. Because I’m so unsure about everything. But maybe it’s time to ask what you think of it.) “Plush” is my newest fascination, and I try to get it into my work as much as possible. The hanging threads are so charming, to me, and they acting always like they want to.

I always been fascinated by hand-made-textiles, and I think it’s so sad that there isn’t so much space for handcraft inside the textile-industry. That’s something I’m worried about. It’s impossible to go ‘back to basic’ totally, and do everything by hand. (Except when you just want to do it for fun, or to relax).

My work is a statement. I try to cross the borders between handycraft, and the industry. Between me and a machine. It’s about searching a way to use a machine, but to add something of myself to it. Without my hands the fabric will never exist. Like the machine is my second hand. It’s difficult to describe, but I want to use the fastness of a machine to transform it in a contemporary way of handcraft. How can I fuse those two opposites ? That’s what my research is about.

It’s for all of us, who want to go back to a pure and honest piece of fabric, unique and different. For you, and for me.

More about my research is comming soon.

Today I had some news that gave me a very sad mood.

Then there are just two things to do, first important thing is a delicious coffee with a lovely friend. That always can cheer me up. And second, a whole day long weaving. Weaving is like a trance, following a pattern, counting, listening to some lovely jazzy music. I always look forward to the moment when I can cut the woven-blanket off the loom, and take pictures of it. It give me such a happy feeling.

(it isn’t a scarf but some pieces for my masterproject, but I think it would look pretty lovely if it was a scarf. So I look forward to summer, because then I will finally have more time to weave a scarf-collection. )



Some work of my masterproject. Love to make drawings with dots and markers, … . Today I translated one drawing into a textile piece with embroidery, it’s not completely finished, but I already like it.

Enjoy the rest of the week.
With love.

Love to be inside these days, covered up with a blanket. | Some experimenting for school | Cuddling my cats | Preparations for the exhibition | Going out for a coffee | Make myself ready for a little trip to Germany on wednesday | ……

I also show you a video that I made a year ago, it’s a part of my walk-walk-walk project where I make little video’s of me walking. Last weeks I made a lot of these kind of video’s, but I have some problems with uploading them. So hopefully I’ll find a solution soon. Meanwhile I just show my old ones.

Hope you all have a wondeful week.



For my textile-work I always start with a masteridea, after that I earch for images that I use as inspiration. I like this little part of the design-proces a lot ! It puts a smile on my face when I cut the images out, and search how they fit the best in my inspiration-book.

At the moment I’m making a textile-collection about the relationhip between tradition and modernity. Between handwork and industry. I search for traditional techniques but try to give them a modern twist. Or give modern textiles a tradition look. My research is in a experimental-fase at the moment, so I don’t know where it is going to end. That’s still a surprise.

Oh, tonight I go to Feist. Can’t wait to see her !