The last 2 days I wake up very early so I could go to Café Coutume before I had to go to work. I sat there for an hour, writing letters. That’s my little secret moment. Walking in the streets while everything is still waking up. Writing, early-morning-letters, and drinking delicious coffee. It seems that I picked up the thread of writing letters, I enjoy it again, and so I promise that everyone who’s waiting for a letter will get one.

There is a lot of news about my work. Like a window of a shop with my textiles, my work with an article of a trend-bureau, and other things that you all might like. To follow everything, subscribe on facebook.

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I received a lot of beautiful letters last months, but I don’t find the time to share them with you on my ‘leters to treasure blog’. I’m blessed by receiving all these beautiful treasures, and soon I’ll show them to you all !



I have to admit that I’ve neglecting my mail for the past few months. I enjoyed all teh letters, but I wasn’t in the mood to write myself. Bizar, don’t you think ? But I missed it, and I want to get the writing back on track. I have to say that it feels like a relief to me to write again. So The ones who are waiting for some reply to their letters, don’t be scared, soon you can expect a letter in your mailbox. I’m writing with new energy, and inspirations for the letters, new stories and treasures.









Textile letters.


During my graduation project I was searching for a way to integrate my letter project in my concept. Because it’s such an important thing of who I am, and I really wanted to show it to ‘the world’.

After some thinking I decided to make a small project called ‘Textile letters’, which was especially created for my graduation project. The idea of it was: I made some letters, all the same. In the package were fabrics, a colour scheme, inspiration images, … . I send this letter to 5 very talented people, Renilde De Peuter (BE), Inge Slock (BE), Karen Barbé (CH), Louise Mills (UK) and Karina Rios (DM). And asked them if they could create something with the letter I’ve send them. They were totally free to do wathever they wanted to do. Afterwards they had to return their creations back to me, so they could be exhibited at my graduation show.

You must be wondering why I’m doing this kind of project ? Well, I think it’s very interesting how several people interpret something in their own way. It goes from an universal package, to a personal story. And I find that very touching. It’s a sing that, however people might be inspired by the same colours, images or techniques, everyone will turn it in their own world. That’s what creativity and personality is about.

I just want to thank Renilde, Inge, Karen, Louise and Karina a million. Because I didn’t said that enough. You work was so beautiful, and I’m still overwhelmed by all the time you’ve given to create something for the projects. Can’t express how grateful I am.

Soon more pictures of the project, because there is a lot more to show.





Inge Slock


Renilde De Peuter


Louise Mills

Karen Barbé

Karina Rios



These days I’m into taking pictures of my feet. Maybe that’s because I have new yellow-clog-summer-shoes.

Today was the last day of the letter exhibition. It feels so bizar to take the letters off the wall. Happy, because it was a lovely time, and because I’m so grateful that I was a part of the exhibition. And a little ‘sad’, because it’s over. But i had a great time, met lovely people, and have some beautiful memories about the exhibition-time.

It will be a busy week again.
Hope to see you soon.

Boîte aux lettres.


Today is the last day of the new letter exhibition. Come and take a look at all our work. We even made a little shop where you can buy all kind of lovely letter-writing-tools. So if you are into writing today, let’s visit this charming café in the middle of ‘Borgerhout’ (Antwerp). They have some great gingertea, and what goes better with letterwriting then some good drinks, and nice company.

Hope to see you today !

Bar Leon
Reuzenstraat 23

From 12 u – ….

There is beautiful post about my letterproject , and words for strangers, at Designskool. Thank you a lot Justine for this beautiful article.

By the way, on the first picture. I don’t have a large “tumor” on my arm, it’s just my handkerchief that I always put in the sleeves of my cardigan. My grandmom always did that, and because of that I start doing it to. Because most of the time there are no pockets in my skirts or dresses. So this is the perfect solution (exept for the crazy looking arm ).

Glimps of spring.


Sunny cold sunday.

It’s like I notice the first glimps of spring. The flower is start to open, it grows in a special glazen pot, and it’s so beautiful to see his roots grow.
I’m preparing a new exhibition about the letters called ‘Boîte aux lettres’, I’m planning to do something with a big worldmap. I’ve been neglecting the letters for a while, because it was so busy. So some of you are waiting already a long time for a letter of me. But soon, your mailboxes will be happy again, because there are some letters on their way.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Vibeke received the beautiful-flower-book that I’ve send her. Love it to see it in her hands.

Blue sparkles.


A mix of blue things.
What you see:

– I’m doing some silkscreening these days. But this is just the start, it still needs more layers. More colours and some embroidery.
– A letter for Vibeke.
– The dress of my dreams, from Mina Perhonen. I’m wishing wishing wishing that it will be mine one day. Love it so much.
– A beautiful message that I found on a wall at the exhibition.
– Just discovered the beautiful music of Ben Howard. Love it.

Have a lovely evening, and enjoy the freezing cold. I can’t stop smiling, because this is my favourite weather. So cold, but sunny. Perfect !

A little while ago I asked who of you wanted to spread my notes in their cities. Well, all my notes are sold out. More then 50, i’m still surprised about that.

So I start preparing it more then a month ago. Together with some friends I wrote the first notes (100 and a bit), and later I wrote +- 250 myself. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it. I also searched beautiful pictures for this project, they fit well to the notes. I like them a lot.
In every envelope is a little surprise-package called ‘the museum at your home’, and it’s a collaboration between me and ‘Het huis van Alijn’. It took me a lot of hours of searching, printing and cutting. But I show you all the surprises later, because I want it to be still a surprise for the receivers.

On monday all the letters fly to your homes.
I look forward to see you spreading the notes. Don’t forget to take pictures of them, please.

You can follow the project up here .

About my health, I was still sick last week, it didn’t want to go away. But since yesterday I start to feel better and better. So next week I should be healthy again.

Picture used in photo number 1 – ? – ? – 4 – 5 – 67




Little snippets of my last days of 2011. Lovely days with my friends, walking, and drinking coffee’s. Lovely to come home and find some letters in my mailbox, they make me feel so happy. Did some weaving, 3 meters, for a new work (more about it in the new year). oh, and the ‘words-for-strangers’ are almost ready to be send. Hopefully next week they can start their journey to your homes. So sorry for the ones who still want to join, because all my notes already have a new owner.

I hope 2012 will bring you all love, luck, new vibes, and a lot of creativity. Hopefully it will be a year full of letters, blogging, weaving, and new coffee-dates with lovely strangers.

Happy 2012.



I’m still so in love with sending letters. I just can’t get enough of it.

Like I said a few days ago, there is a lot going on with the letter-project. Let me tell you already a little bit about it. Well, I’m very proud to announce that soon the letters will be showed in an exhibition in a museum. I jumped in the air when the lovely lady of the museum asked if I would love to be a part of the new exhibition about correspondence. I stil can’t believe it, and it makes me so happy that I finally have the opportunity to show the letter-project to more people. More about it later.

I made a large update on my letterblog. Be welcome.