Blue sparkles.


A mix of blue things.
What you see:

– I’m doing some silkscreening these days. But this is just the start, it still needs more layers. More colours and some embroidery.
– A letter for Vibeke.
– The dress of my dreams, from Mina Perhonen. I’m wishing wishing wishing that it will be mine one day. Love it so much.
– A beautiful message that I found on a wall at the exhibition.
– Just discovered the beautiful music of Ben Howard. Love it.

Have a lovely evening, and enjoy the freezing cold. I can’t stop smiling, because this is my favourite weather. So cold, but sunny. Perfect !

A little while ago I asked who of you wanted to spread my notes in their cities. Well, all my notes are sold out. More then 50, i’m still surprised about that.

So I start preparing it more then a month ago. Together with some friends I wrote the first notes (100 and a bit), and later I wrote +- 250 myself. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it. I also searched beautiful pictures for this project, they fit well to the notes. I like them a lot.
In every envelope is a little surprise-package called ‘the museum at your home’, and it’s a collaboration between me and ‘Het huis van Alijn’. It took me a lot of hours of searching, printing and cutting. But I show you all the surprises later, because I want it to be still a surprise for the receivers.

On monday all the letters fly to your homes.
I look forward to see you spreading the notes. Don’t forget to take pictures of them, please.

You can follow the project up here .

About my health, I was still sick last week, it didn’t want to go away. But since yesterday I start to feel better and better. So next week I should be healthy again.

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