Summer. Time for some green touches. My plants are growing very well, I gave some of them a new place in our large greenhouse in the garden. They are growing so fast.

I lately discovered that a pilea-plant also is called a “friendship plant”. I think that’s a lovely name, because it’s so true. I love taking care of the baby pilea’s, love to see them grow. At the moment I have 10 new baby pilea plants in my greenhouse. I’m waiting till they are big enough to give them to some of my friends. I love the idea of giving the plants to someone else, knowing they will have a new life, in a new home, with new people.

I would like to show you some pictures of my favorite plants. My pilea from Copenhagen, who’s now 1 year with me in my atelier. A large monstera. And a plant which I call ‘bollekes plant’. And a succulent that I adopted during ‘pots & paper’.








5 Responses to “Green.”

  1. emmel Says:

    Weet jij of je van de monstera ook stekjes kan nemen? Mijn plant wordt iets te groot.

  2. oppie83 Says:

    i wish i were your good friend, and could have a chance to receive a cutting of your pilea :p wonderful plants! i love all these plants, but i only have 1 which you give name bollekes plants. i put it on my office desk and it is my happy plant!

  3. Ellen J. Says:

    Heerlijke blog, prachtige plant. Mocht je een adres weten in of rond Antwerpen waar hij te verkrijgen is, weet ik het graag. Ik ben er al maanden naar op zoek! En verder: dank voor de mooie foto’s van je inspirerende weefsels!

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