I would like to invite everyone of you to ‘Nationa(a)l’. It’s a large event in Brussels, where famous designers, dansers, muscicians, … in 8 creative disciplines, made a selection of young talent. I’m very happy to announce that I’m selected for the Design section.

From 9 till 25 May you can find my Blossom-plaids and Blossom-carpets in the heart of Brussels. The building is very nice, and the exposition as well. You are able to have a drink, and to watch some movies made my talented filmmakers.

For this occasion I also made new address-cards, and you are also able to have a look into the blossom-book during the exposition.

You can find all the information at Nationa(a)-website.
It would make me very happy to see you there.

Blossom collection

Blossom collection

Blossom collection

Blossom collection

National Affiche


5 Responses to “Nationa(a)l.”

  1. sonja Says:

    Hermine! Your art is a highlight in my day. I am now on instagram, and I can’t find you. I hope you are still there so I can see your updates.

  2. Sonja Says:

    Thanks so much Hermine! I look for you, but you are gone, perhaps you accidentally “blocked” me? I am Sonja.Smith on Instagram. Please check. I saw that you accepted me, but when I went to update it, you were gone.

  3. Sonja Says:

    It worked! Thanks so much Hermine! I admire your artwork so much… all the way in Los Angeles 🙂 I’ve told many people about your fabulous work.

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