When I was born, my mother made me a embroidery work. She did the same thing for each of her new born child. She always have been doing cross stitches. I remember, that when I was little, I already loved to do cross. Inspired by my mother.

I think it is time to start again, make embroidery works. For me it are still just experiment embroideries. I love to do some embroidery on the train, or with a coffee. It makes me calm.

Happy embroidery days.

embroidery by Hermine Van DIjck

embroidery by Hermine Van DIjck


embroidery by Hermine Van Dijck



8 Responses to “Embroidery.”

  1. radeg Says:

    I love how this embroidered peacock looks like! : )

  2. Jessica Says:

    you’ve inspired me now.

  3. maike Says:

    wauw wat leuk om te zien

  4. Saskia Says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. Love the colors you’ve used.

  5. nina Says:

    These are really wonderful Patterns, i love them! ♥

  6. paravent Says:

    This is so beautiful! I love the back as well 🙂 Kx

  7. éva-mona Says:

    That is so lovely! And such a nice gift idea.

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