My studio space, true the eyes of my sweet friend. I love the way he photographed my work space, my weaving-process and the little hidden corners of my atelier.

The surprise scarf is finished. Tomorrow I will take some more pictures of the scarf, and I’ll show them to you all soon. Now I’m setting up a new loom to weave a few samples for Design September.

I’m very happy to be a lot behind my weaving loom again. Makes me dream of big projects again. To be continued.

All pictures by Christophe Derivière.










14 Responses to “◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊”

  1. marjo?! Says:

    These pictures are beautiful. It’s nice to see you working, and the scarf is so amazingly beautiful. I wish I had one !
    Thank you for sharing your work and universe, this is always such a pleasure.

  2. Beautiful photos of your beautiful work Hermine. I’m looking forward to you opening your online shop, I would lovd to buy a scarf from you!

  3. Yes. These pictures are very nice! I love to see photos of works in progress and the place where the magic happens! So inspiring!

  4. migayo Says:

    Those colors….I love them! Thanks for sahring your little hiddeen corners!

  5. Mooie foto’s van een mooie studioruimte en de sjaal is prachtig!

  6. Elisse Says:

    Wauw Hermine, wat een mooie foto’s. De sjaal ziet er PRACHTIG uit!

  7. Verónica Says:

    I really love your working space and the second picture is so beautiful, so ‘you’!

    kind regards…

  8. Mette Says:

    Lovely photos!

  9. Boeiend om het ook eens door de ogen van iemand anders te zien.
    Oh! wat wordt ik saai, maar ik moet het opnieuw schrijven: weer mooi, mooi, mooi.

  10. I love the photographs and your studio, too. Everything fits together so well, but nothing looks arranged ❤

  11. Lisa Says:

    Je weeft in een mooie pastelwereld. Zo’n leuke foto’s!

  12. sara Says:

    beautiful ❤

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