Analog. (2)


I love to go to the photo-lab to pick up my printed pictures from my analog-plastic-camera. It are always nice surprises, and lovely memories who come back, while watching the pictures.

My daily life:
* Drinking coffee
* Bird hunting
* House sitting
* Beautiful plants
* Dinner parties
* Atelier-working-time










11 Responses to “Analog. (2)”

  1. Tessa Says:

    beautiful pattern in the last picture!

  2. éva-mona Says:

    Your daily life just sounds like a dream-life!

  3. Damianne Says:

    your blog is so perfect! love your work.
    maybe you could take a look on my blog?

  4. Marlou Says:

    een fijn dagelijks leven heb je, 🙂

  5. rosa Says:

    these pictures are like poetry.

  6. sara Says:

    Analogue is the best 🙂

    love your photos!

  7. renilde Says:

    de ideale dag 🙂

  8. kakurenaide Says:

    i love the look of analog pictures. do you recommend a good lab?

  9. love to see your analog pictures-
    such a great patterned bag in the first one!

  10. coco Says:

    hermine, your work is such an artistic work of art.
    i am glad to see your your work space.

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