Stan & Dries (2)


I would like to show you the house of my 2 great friends. They swapped their old amazing home in Ghent, for a new one in Brussels. They have a great sense of style, and I always feel very happy when I see their little treasures in their house.
By the way, I’m very good in leaving my traces behind in their house. It makes me really happy to see how good my baby-plants are growing in their house. Or how how they framed one of my little samples. Sweet boys … .

We will collaborate together for DESIGN SEPTEMBER, a design event in Brussels. And we will make a little exposition / open doors in the house of Stan & Dries. You should all come and have a look. That would make us very happy. More information about this project soon.










4 Responses to “Stan & Dries (2)”

  1. Je weet mooie plekjes te vinden.
    En wat een vooruitzichten!

  2. sara Says:

    beautiful house indeed πŸ™‚

  3. A very pretty home indeed! Love your framed textile too!

  4. gigimelo Says:

    I like this minimalist home. I hope you do not mind but I pinned the 1st picture πŸ™‚

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