Every year, when I go on vacation, I take my little analog camera with me. It’s a cheap thing I once bought in the supermarket. But it makes nice pictures. It’s always a surprise how the pictures will turn out.

This is how I saw Denmark.

(hope you don’t get bored of all the Denmark-pictures on this blog lately)








19 Responses to “Analog.”

  1. marjo?! Says:

    Amazing ! your pictures look very good ! (the first one is very beautiful)
    And I’ll probably never get bored of denmark, especially through your eyes : )

  2. wsake Says:

    love those.. i never get tired of your pictures, no matter what:)

  3. Romee Says:

    De eerste foto is zó mooi! De fiets-foto heeft zulke leuke kleuren ❤

  4. You have been in beautiful places.

  5. Eryn Says:

    These are so beautiful!! They have such character & life.

  6. charlotte Says:

    wauw! die zijn écht wel mooi! leve de goedkope toestelletjes!

  7. Niina Says:

    Oh,I LOVE the picture of you riding a bike,with a big smile on your face! It’s perfect and so beautiful!!
    And I never get bored with your pictures,it’s impossible:)

  8. Marijke Says:

    Heerlijke foto’s! Wat voor camera is het? En bedankt voor al je tips (van Parijs)! Heb al wat leuke dingen gedaan hier dankzij jou ;).

  9. radeg Says:

    The picture on bike is simply amazing : )

  10. Marie Says:

    So beautiful !

  11. sonja Says:

    Like others here, I’ll never be bored by your photos and your journal! 🙂

  12. Ariane Reichardt Says:

    Tolle Bilder, liebe Hermine!

    x Ariane.

  13. Scherpe foto’s, maar vooral de kleuren vind ik mooi.

  14. bastisRIKE Says:

    don’t stopp … really like them!

  15. Marlou Says:

    wat een prachtfoto’s! en aw, zo lief, die van jou op de fiets 🙂

  16. maria Says:

    I love these photographs, such great colours. the second one is easily my favourite!

  17. so pretty! love to see your analog pictures ❤

  18. sara Says:

    They came out really nice 😀

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