I made a few new blankets for the blossom-plaid-collection. They are ready to find new owners who will give them a nice place in their beautiful homes. All the blankets are unique and are made with high-quality-yarns. There are 50% made by hand.

During the Movement on 21 & 22 june 2013 (the fashionshow of the School of Arts in Ghent) the blankets will be for sale, also during Graduation on 26 june 2013 (the end exibition of the School of Arts) you’ll be able to buy the blankets.

For people who live far away, I sell the left-over blankets on my blog in the beginning of July. I’ll keep you posted.

I hope they find lovely new owners soon.

BLOSSOM-plaid by Hermine Van Dijck

BLOSSOM-plaid by Hermine Van Dijck





BLOSSOM-plaid by Hermine Van Dijck


BLOSSOM-plaid by Hermine Van Dijck


Here you can have a look to my previous blankets for the blossom collection.

This project was realized with the help of KASK & Design Affairs.


17 Responses to “Blossom-plaids.”

  1. Simply marvellous, dear Hermine!
    so… in the beginning of July…

    xo Ariane

  2. Anna Emilia Says:

    They look so perfect. Especially after bicycling one hour in rain, your dreamy and surely soft blanket would be a perfect treasure to wrap around.

    Happy summer Hermine!

  3. Oh la la. Elle est p-a-r-f-a-i-t-e !

  4. perfectly beautiful.. how I covet one of these to snuggle in on a cool summer’s night!

  5. marjo?! Says:

    hooooooo these are so so beautiful ! Wish I had one !

  6. Very very beautiful blankets! Love them!

  7. Carmen Says:

    Oh my god! BEAUTIFUL!

  8. absolutely stunning blankets Hermine x

  9. Sara Martins Says:

    I hope one at least will be last for me to buy 🙂

  10. petra Says:

    … they look utterly beautiful!

  11. Saskia Says:


  12. narumi Says:

    I love them, definitely want one ! Can’t wait for july 🙂

  13. Marie Hols Says:

    Tu es la meilleure! 🙂 C’est super beau!!! ❤ Tu vas faire des grandes choses!

  14. Katerina Says:

    I love love love them!!!!!!!!
    Katerina ff

  15. yoojin Says:

    So so beautiful!! 🙂

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