Sovperiod postcards


We, the sovperiod girls, made a little collection of 10 postcards to celebrate our exhibition. This pack include 3 postcard of each of us, and the image from our exhibition. Buying one of these packs, means that you’ll receive a bit of the sovperiod exhibition at your home.

10 postcards

10 euro + shippingcosts

If you are interested mail to:

The first 10 buyers of a package, also will receive 2 of my personal postcards from my graduation collection. Just as a present, without extra costs.


Thanks a million for supporting our work !





4 Responses to “Sovperiod postcards”

  1. Berit Says:

    Leuk! (:

  2. annemarie Says:

    Wow!! die foto met de vos is mijn favoriet!!

  3. Well done, sovperiod girls !

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