After 2 months, our ‘sovperiod’ exhibition is finished. It was a lovely opportunity to work together with my two sweet and talented friends Eefje and Mayken. It was a nice collaboration between the 3 of us, and however we all use different kind of art-forms, it was one atmosphere. A little bit like magic. I hope that, one day, we can do it again.

I’d like to show you some impressions of the exhibition. The last picture shows how Mayken remove her drawing from the wall. This was the real end of the exhibition.

Goodbye Sovperiod.











12 Responses to “Sovperiod.”

  1. wow, lovely photos, art is amazing on every single one, specially that girl on a wall ❤

  2. Mendruga Says:

    Love your work! Is amazing

  3. ally Says:

    It looks like you guys collaborated so well together. So nice all together

  4. Patrice A. Says:

    wat mooi, wat mooi!
    het past allemaal prachtig
    bij elkaar qua kleuren
    en sfeer

    Patrice A.

  5. Alles is mooi, vanaf ontwerptekening tot de uitvoering. Gefeliciteerd!

  6. karin Says:

    Looks like a very good mix of works. And also I see some well known pieces 🙂

  7. your work is amazing

  8. eviebarrow Says:

    so wonderful to see this collaboration between the three of you. your works compliment one anothers nicely. it must have been a little sad to take the illustration off the wall at the end x

  9. Chère Hermine,
    It’s so beautiful… I love it!
    I’ll write to you very soon my dear friend…

  10. Sara Martins Says:

    great exhibition 🙂

  11. […] the sovperiod girls, made a little collection of 10 postcards to celebrate our exhibition. This pack include 3 […]

  12. Hannelore Says:

    Ik vind het superjammer dat ik er niet geraakt ben! Heb het proberen inplannen in mijn antwerpen bezoekjes, maar uiteindelijk toch niet er van gekomen. Op foto ziet het er heel mooi uit, en ook mijn antwerpse vriendjes waren heel enthousiast!

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