one day a week


From now on I work 1 day a week in carpet heaven. The sweet carpet-lady learns me the craft of making hand tufted rugs. I’m so happy that I get the chance to learn this better. It’s my dream to create rugs myself, so hopefully my dream will come true soon.

The images looks romantic, but making rugs includes also blisters on my hands and smelly glues that makes you feel dizzy. Bweik.





2 Responses to “one day a week”

  1. Al een klein stukje van je droom,
    de rest volgt wel.

  2. wideeyedtree Says:

    i can imagine that making those rugs is not so easy, I see that with making my own crochet rugs, using different wools, they often loose little parts that itch or burn in the lung

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