Pots & paper


Our plant exhibition was a great succes. I think we inspired a lot of people to take care of plants, and that we spread a little happiness with our designs, plants, postcards, plant-swapp, … . We have to do this again !


I uploaded pictures of the event on my facebook page.


These are my 4 favorite pieces from the exhibition:

Envelopes from Our Strange Nature

A special plant from a sweet French lady

A cute plant in one of my plant-hangers

A funny little cactus

The other girls showed pictures of the event on their blogs, visit them here:
Our Strange Nature + Lililabeth + Studio Meez + Belle Fleur de Lis


6 Responses to “Pots & paper”

  1. Marion Says:

    you have to do it again
    and in Paris too !!
    love the idea !

  2. narumi Says:

    Marion is right, I’d love to see your work in Paris ! The plant-hangers are beautiful, I hope you will sell them one day 🙂

  3. Sara Martins Says:

    I think you could do a tour too 😉

    and it was very nice if you could Pots and Paper an annual event and invited some more artists*

    i just saw the photos,great job girls!

  4. Marlou Says:

    ja, het was heel fijn!
    en ik ben ook groot fan van die prachtige enveloppen…had ik er maar meer gekocht 😀

  5. This sounds beautiful and I wish I could have come and join,
    dear Hermine!
    By the way… that special plant from a sweet French lady is a ‘coral begonia’… I have one on my sill… pretty blossoming. I name her ‘Jutta’ because I have got her as an tiny cutting from my neighbour Jutta 🙂

    Your plant-hangers are great! You ladies are fantastic!

    x Ariane.

  6. h Says:

    Het was heel geslaagd, en ik ben blij met mijn aankoopjes!

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