Work in progress: plant exhibition.


Next friday the Pots & Paper exhibition will start. This exhibition involves everything about plants. There is a big plant-swap (don’t forget to bring a plant, so you can swap him for a new one), a lot of plant accessories like plant-hangers, pots, plant sticks,…. . And there is a little paper-shop where you can find plant-postcards, little seeds, … . It will be a wonderful weekend all about green and plants.

At the moment I’m very busy preparing everything for the exhibition. I’m making clay plant-hangers, which you can see in the pictures. I also show some new textile pieces inspired on greenery, like wall-hangings and cushions. I have fun, that’s the most important thing I guess.

Have a nice week !







The last picture is a planthanger from at a friend, and a dreamcatcher I gave her.


5 Responses to “Work in progress: plant exhibition.”

  1. Sara Martins Says:

    it looks like fun really 🙂

  2. maria Says:

    Oh I would love to be there. your things look wonderful

  3. Karen Barbé Says:

    I’m usually not too fond of dreamcatchers but this one stole my heart. Your friend must be so happy 🙂

  4. tas-ka Says:

    I like the colors of your blog! very nice

  5. sonja Says:

    amazing! I love that dream catcher too… 🙂

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