Plant hangers.


For a plant-exhibition that I join, I’m creating planthangers. They exist out of selfmade clay pots and a macramé piece. This is my very first try. The next 2 weeks you’ll see more about my creating proces.

The 2 other pictures are in the Royal gardens in Belgium. Once a year they are open for the public. They are so big and beautiful. And they remind me a bit of the greenhouse in Paris.





8 Responses to “Plant hangers.”

  1. beautiful! what a shame those greenhouses are only open once a year… can’t wait to see more of your plant hangers!

  2. marjo?! Says:

    Your planthanger is so nice, with these big wood beads ! ♥
    and I wish I would see these beautiful greenhouses ! (Lyon’s ones are very nice too !)

  3. Beautiful pictures of a very beautiful greenhouse. LOVE your planthanger, curious to more of them.

  4. sara Says:

    The plant hanger is so sweet 🙂

  5. Hannelore Says:

    I saw the greenhouses of Laken last year, really beautiful, and such a shame they are only open once a year.
    Your planthanger looks beautiful, by the way.

  6. ida Says:

    oooh, i LOVE your planthangers !! are they for sale? fantastic !

  7. ida Says:

    okey, that sounds wonderful! i must have one 🙂 if you dont mind me asking, what material do you make your clay out of?

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