The pieces that I’m making for the fashion clash project are almost ready. They need some little changes and an extra accessoire, and then it’s ready to be send tomorrow.

I give you here a little preview of how my outfit is going to look like. I never seen it on a model, so I can’t wait to see the result of the photoshoot and catwalk.

In a month I can reveal the real final result to you all !




Want to see the outfit in real ? Be welcome at the fashion-clash-week in Maastricht.


11 Responses to “pluche”

  1. drie letters voor jou
    w en o en w
    overdonderend mooi

  2. Ziet er fantastisch uit!!

  3. maria Says:

    this is amazing!

  4. Rita Dierckx Says:

    Zou graag naar Maastricht komen: waar kan ik jou outfit dan juist vinden?

  5. Anna Says:

    beautiful work!

  6. éva-mona Says:

    That outfit is amazing!

  7. sara Says:

    good job there 🙂

    love the texture and the colors and… well everything 🙂

  8. sarapirat Says:

    hermine, wat een prachtige outfit!

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