In Paris I discovered the wonderful work of Charles Fréger.
Now there is not only an exhibition of his ‘Wildermann’ work in Vitry sur Seine (not so far from Paris) but also in the photomuseum in Antwerp. This is defenitely an exhibition to visit !

Etnic costumes has always been an important inspiration when I design textiles. And so the pictures of Charles Fréger are like a present to me.

At the moment I’m busy with creating an outfit for a fashion project, called Fashion Clash. It maybe can sound strange, but I never have made clothes in my life. But that’s just what they want for the project, ‘the clash project’. They ask non-fashion-designers to create an outfit. It has to be experimental, and with the use of our own materials and craft. I descided to make an outfit that is like a contemporary etnic costume. With a bunch of colors and volume, and will only use fabrics that I made myself. Already a week long I’m working on 1 little piece of the outfit. It’s a lot of work, but I think it will be beautiful. Next week it supposed to be finish, this is going to be stressy !

This work makes me want to design new carpets. That will be my next project.










13 Responses to “Wildermann.”

  1. Patrice A. Says:

    het ziet er nu al
    prachtig uit!

    en succes!!

  2. Marlou Says:

    wat een tof project! ik ben heel benieuwd naar het resultaat 🙂
    veel succes nog

  3. Caterine Says:

    So curious to see the carpets you’re gonna create after Freger’s work. I bought the book it is so inspiring.

  4. Nuria Says:

    Love your work!! 🙂

  5. ally Says:

    what an interesting idea! I can’t wait to see what you come up with…

  6. karenvdp Says:

    als je de prints wil hebben van die mooie foto’s, er staat een reportage van hem in de National Geographic magazine van april. Groeten

  7. tinekatrine Says:

    That looks so cool! Looking forward to seeing the finished outfit! 😀

  8. wsake Says:

    this is wonderful – i´m sure you´ll create something beautiful. makes me want to make “fake fur” myself 🙂

  9. smirna… warme herinneringen voor mij, dat weet je
    mooi kleuren bij elkaar
    prachtig weer
    je maakt ons heel nieuwsgierig

  10. Sara Says:

    i love the colors you are using,hope to see the final work soon 🙂

  11. these inspirations remind me of the textile factory in my hometown, pendleton, oregon, where some native american patterns became the starting point for all kinds of woollen goods.. your blankets are so beatiful, i am really interested to see how the fashion project turns out!

  12. Elle Says:

    That’s incredible! I’m planning to go to an exhibition of him soon here in Marseille. He’s making this exhibition with a designer I really love, Karine Rougier. Do you know her?
    And coming here to read about your news, of course, you know him…

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