Preparations (2)


Weaving, drawing, choosing yarns and colors, …. . These are the things that keep me busy from the early mornings until the late evenings. Not only am I preparing the exhibition. I’m also working on a small limited edition of my blankets who I will offer for sale. They are all woven, and I only have to finish them with some embroidery. It’s so exiting, they will be for sale at the designer days in Ghent (BE).

Deadlines make me feel alive, and they give me extra energy to do new things.

Blankets are for sale:
Thursday + friday + saturday.
Shop Eva Bos
Vlaanderenstraat 66
9000 Gent

(I’m there on saturday afternoon. You are all very welcome !)







19 Responses to “Preparations (2)”

  1. Rita Dierckx Says:

    Zeer mooi kleurgebruik!

  2. Jitřenka Says:

    The blue (third photo) project in you just have started looks so super cool and pretty!! I love blue :o)

  3. Lisa Says:

    Oh Hermine, zo mooi allemaal! En wat een engelengeduld heb je…

  4. wonderful, exciting and beautiful work Hermine x

  5. alessandra Says:

    beautiful work Hermine!

  6. gatsbyandme Says:

    I live in Australia and would love to buy one of your blankets! Is this possible?

  7. christina Says:

    can’t wait to see the blankets

  8. eranfaraway Says:

    Your creations are so beautiful! It makes me happy to see challenging deadlines invigorate you. Congratulations on chase your dreams!

  9. éva-mona Says:

    It looks beautiful!

  10. Laure Says:

    O wauw! Die dekens zien er prachtig uit. Waar ergens zijn ze te vinden tijdens de designer days?

  11. Anita Says:

    The blankets look beautiful!

  12. Mooi. Mooi. Mooi.
    Waar in Gent kunnen we jouw prachtig weefwerk bewondereren?

  13. yoojin Says:

    Beautiful work!!! 🙂

  14. Hannah Says:

    gush, your pieces are so beautiful and the people who will be able to see it in person at the exhibition are really lucky! i guess i am not the only begging you to start an online shop with your pieces~

  15. wow, die met de blauwe noppen is mijn favoriet :^)

  16. De dekens zijn te koop bij de winkel van

    Eva Bos
    Vlaanderenstraat 66
    9000 Gent.

    Zaterdag namiddag ben ik daar zelf aanwezig.
    Hopelijk allemaal tot dan !

  17. Maaike Says:

    Hoeveel kost zo’n deken van je Hermine? 🙂 Ze zijn super mooi!

  18. Elle Says:

    I know, I can feel that I’ll have a ba gor a scraf like that one day….!
    That’s beautiful Hermine.
    Could you send me some “Words” to hang on in my city for you when you’ll have enough time (after the exhibition of course).
    Cheers xxx

  19. Hermine,
    I am in love with your work. Thank you for connecting with me, so looking forward to following your journey. Molly de Vries

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