Preparing for an exhibition with 2 friends. There is still a lot to do, in just 2 weeks. But it’s good to change my minds, and it sometimes makes me even forget that I miss Paris so much. I hope my work will be finished in time, but if not, I promise that the exhibition will be great with the work of drawing-queen Mayken, and photography-angel Eefje !







10 Responses to “Preparations”

  1. emmel Says:

    ik kom kijken!

  2. lotte Says:

    Hi Hermine, I so, so much like your style!! And wish you much fun with the preparations and chross my fingers, that you will finish in time. Lovely greetings, Lotte.

  3. sara Says:

    It all looks so nice,love the shapes and colors of your patterns!

    Best of luck for the three of you at the exhibition 🙂

  4. Koey Says:

    Oh exhibition great, Hermine!
    The venue of exhibition looks very nice and so as thoes patterns. I believe your works would be amazing. Wish you a pair of faster hands and smoother thinking, and good luck 🙂

  5. tot volgende week dan!
    ben heel benieuwd 🙂

  6. h Says:

    Leuk, ik kom kijken! Veel succes met de voorbereidingen.

  7. this sounds like such a great group! i wish i could come to see the exhibition myself- but i hope you will share some photographs of it so we who live far away can see a bit of it here ♥

  8. Marijke Says:

    Ziet er goed uit! Ik kom zeker nog een kijkje nemen!

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