Avocado love.


Favorite plant to grow, my avocado.

It’s so magical to see them grow. Even when you have already a large avocado-family.

old avocado blogposts




13 Responses to “Avocado love.”

  1. ally Says:

    My plant is growing sooo slowly. My pit’s root is barely growing I feel. I MUST be doing something wrong, I’ve heard it’s so easy though…

  2. Vief Cakes Says:

    Do they need a lot of light? I live in the grayest place ever and my plants died because there wasn’t enough light 😦

    • The avocado needs a lot of light. It’s mostly like that with plants who have large green leaves. He only don’t like hot summer sun directly on his leaves, because then they sometimes burn. The avocado also don’t like to much water.

      So sad your plants died. In my previous home it almost happened as well.

  3. coco Says:

    hermine, your avocado looks so healthy. do you cover
    avo pits entirely?
    mine is half way covered and i kind of like the pit showing
    on the soil but doesn’t get as tall as yours. something to learn
    from others is always nice.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Inspired by your photos I have two avocado plants growing now, and they are almost ready to go in the soil!

  5. Kirsten Says:

    Het is mij nog nóóit gelukt. Er kwam gewoon niks uit de pit groeien. Gelukkig heb ik nog een avocado liggen, dat wordt mijn volgende experimentje.

  6. Good luck everyone with your avocado. Just a lot of patience and a lot of try&error. And after a while everyone is able to grow an avocado !

  7. marjo?! Says:

    Your avocado plant is so healthy !
    I put 3 pits to grow roots in the water a while ago, but they rotted !
    I’ve just bought avocados, so I’ll try again, maybe now it’s warmer, it might be better : )

  8. karin Says:

    wht a stunning photo of you and your plant love.

  9. i love my avocado too, you are very beautiful

  10. Nicholas Says:

    Hello, I have been growing an Avocado in a large pot in my glass house for about 15 years. It looks great in the pot but I found it doesnt really like cold winters or strong wind outside. Its still in the corner of my old green house most of the year. Love your photo of your avocado plant !

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