A exhibition about Linder (which was bizar), a selfmade necklace, walks, musée d’art moderne. This is how my wednesday looked like.








11 Responses to “Mercredi”

  1. anaïck Says:

    wow i love your necklace
    did you make it ?

  2. anaïck Says:

    yes you did ! : )

  3. anaïck Says:

    i love the flat pearls !

  4. April Louise Says:

    Beautiful photographs and I love the pop of colour from your necklace.

  5. Elle Says:

    Before you leave Paris, did someone tell you to visit La Droguerie for selfmade works? It’s a crazy place where your eyes become crazy too!

  6. Merlijne Says:

    mooie ketting Hermine!

  7. sara Says:

    The necklace is amazing,love the color!

  8. lotte Says:

    Wohohohohooooooo! Your necklace looks like so, so nice & special! The colours, the style – is so, so nice & special! (Again, again & again!)… 😉

  9. thank you all for your sweet comments !

  10. kakurenaide Says:

    i like the necklace!! 🙂

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