There were important choices to be made last week. It was a battle between my mind who said that it was a great opportunity, and my heart who told me that I want to live for my dreams, and not for security. After a period of doubting. I chose to follow my heart, and try to make my dreams come true. Instead of security, Paris, … . It was the right choice, I’m ready for adventure now !

Flowers, as a present for myself. Because I made the right decision. And the first little step in a new project.

I’m enjoying Paris with every fiber I got in my body. Just one week left.




7 Responses to “Flowers.”

  1. Abraham Says:


    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je besluit!!
    Het is een waagstuk, zeker in deze crisistijd en het getuigt alleen al daarom van een ongelooflijke moed.
    Doorzettingsvermogen en groot creatief talent heb je al getoond dus moedig voorwaarts op het gekozen pad nu.
    Heel, heel veel succes gewenst daarbij.

  2. soms valt het allemaal op z’n plaats
    veel succes!

  3. Jessica Says:

    congratulations, you brave soul.

  4. Elle Says:

    I can’t see your pictures today but I’ve read your post, so you decided to go back in Belgium?
    Obviously it seems that you had a proposition for a job, they weren’t stupids! But you’re right, your freedom is the most important thing, and that’s pure inspiration for me!

  5. heleen Says:

    Knap van je dat je toch je hart hebt gevolgd! Geniet van die bloempjes en de (voorlopig!) laatste week in Parijs!

  6. marjo?! Says:

    I don’t know what this choice is, but it is obviously the good one since it leads to buying lovely “mimosa” ! I wish you the best for what’s to come ! And enjoy your last days in Paris : )

  7. wsake Says:

    good for you! and i guess it was rather tempting that job in paris 🙂 i went for “freedom” three years ago and didn´t regret it one single day so far.

    all the best!

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