Pattern love.


Last days I’m making new work for an exhibition I’ll join at Eddy&Edwina. I’m enjoying it so much to make this drawings.

The expo called ‘Muster’, this word means ‘Pattern’ in german. But it also mean ‘Collecting’ in English. That’s why I decided to make a pattern collection of drawings for this expo. I hope I also find the time to make a textile piece.

You all get a little sneakk-peek, for more images I let you wait until after the exhibition.





6 Responses to “Pattern love.”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Love these! Would make a wonderful card series!

  2. emmel Says:

    Zo’n patroon van je zou hier wel mooi staan!

  3. michelle Says:

    These are so sweet 🙂 love the layers

  4. ally Says:

    i love the colors you chose. something about patterns always draws me in….

  5. Teresa Says:

    lovely patterns! good luck with everything for the exhibition!

  6. Claire Says:

    Je suis passée à l’Atelier Beau Travail, j’ai vu tes superbes maquettes pour tapisserie.
    Bravo Hermine, c’est très mignon, encore plus en vrai !

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