These days are very busy. At my internship we are preparing Premiere Vision, a really important textile fair in Paris. It means that we spend a lot of extra hours at the internship making all the fabrics ready for the fair.

Next to that I try to work on my own projects. I’m making a book filled with geometrical drawing. These I will use for my new textile collection. I also want to work with ‘Tulle’, for a long time I’m intrigued by this material. So I’m really happy that I finally am using it in my work.

Have a nice week, and see you soon.

New addresses on my Paris-blog. Wished I lived in a house with view on the sacre coeur.









11 Responses to “°°°”

  1. wsake Says:

    such nice drawings and this delicate fabric…lovely..

  2. Iris Vank Says:

    I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the patterns and tule!!

  3. Elle Says:

    Thank you to let me discover the Pagode, I’ve heard about for so many years…In tumblr pictures are amazing.

  4. sarapirat Says:

    still want to send you post but did not get around to it yet.
    i visited your hometown last week, haven’t been there in many years, and i enjoyed it so much!

  5. Abraham. Says:

    Hermine, wat een prachtige combinatie die zo heel mooie vaas met de bloemen!!
    En je geometrische figuren beloven ook heel wat!!
    Bon courage et beaucoup de succès.

  6. kakurenaide Says:

    i like the tulle colours you picked!
    your little books looks nice too 🙂

  7. de dvd box van het eiland 🙂 in je kast. Mevrouw protput 🙂 leuk.

  8. Camila Faria Says:

    Tule is such an interesting material, I love your choice of colors. Your geometrical drawings book is looking pretty amazing too.

  9. cecile Says:

    oh I was thinking, maybe I’m gonna meet you at PV but I wasn’t even able to enter the MAlhia Kent too crowdy place, so maybe another time…

  10. marjo?! Says:

    Good luck with the extra-work !
    The first sample with tulle looked great ! I can’t wait to see the next ones ! (the colors are so nice)
    Have a nice week-end : )

  11. Alice Says:

    hihi mijn kaartje.

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