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I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, hopefully you all have a lovely time with your family. I have ! Playing games, dancing and having delicious food. I enjoy it a lot to be home in Belgium (however I miss Paris also a little … ). During my free hours I’m in my atelier weaving on my new loom. Full with energy and new ideas.

I’m working on a few wall-pieces for an exhibition I’ll do in march, together with Mayken and Eefje. (More information about it later). Look forward to work on this new project.

Merry Christmas, and until soon !








In the pictures: Inspiration images on my loom, yarns, drawings for new patterns, and a book with little samples from my internship (the pink page is my favorite !)


14 Responses to “* * * * * * * *”

  1. Iris Vank Says:

    O die kleuren, wat mooi. Fijne feestdagen gewenst!!

  2. Fijne kerstdagen, Hermine!

  3. Bonjour,
    I look forward to seeing pictures of your project. The book with the samples is beautiful. Happy Holidays and happy weaving!

  4. Txell Says:

    Merry christmas to you too !!
    The same things: good food and good company !! And tomorrow more!

  5. Labrynthe Says:

    Your blouse is lovely! Happy holidays, miss Hermine!

  6. mieke Says:

    heb hetzelfde weefgetouw, je zal er enorm veel plezier aan beleven!!!!

  7. Elle Says:

    I would like to buy just a little piece like that if you don’t have enough time to consider to make a scarf…I’m fan, really, I’m serious!

    • Dearest Mieke ! Thanks for your sweet words. After I finished my internship (in March) I’ll start weaving a small collection of scards that I will offer for sale. 🙂 Especially for you !

  8. I’m a fan too. I love your work. I would buy a scarf from you in a minute. Best to you.

  9. Teresa Says:

    I hope you’re having wonderful Christmas days!

    I love your little patterns!

  10. eyesnacks Says:

    Hoi Hermine,ik wil een fijne jaarwisseling toewensen!
    Met veel inspiratie,goede gezondheid en veel exposities voor je!!

  11. Jeska Says:

    Love your pretty sample pages.

  12. joanna Says:

    hi! my name is jojo!
    I recently found out your blog and my mind is totally blown away.. 😀 this is first time seeing loom and learning about weaving, and this is amazing!!! i wish i found out earlier! 🙂 i want to learn more about this, like where did you get your loom? is there website i can purchase that? and where did you learn to loom like that? it is absolutely gorgeous!! 😀

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