A sleepless night.


Do you know the thing about over-thinking stuff during night-time ?

Sometimes I have these kind of nights, that I’m not sure about what I’m doing. And that I’m kind of scared of all the things I’m doing. Then I don’t know if I ever can live of my designs. Then I don’t know if I’m strong enough for the scary-design-world. Then I’m scared that everything will be not ready in time. Then I doubt about my ideas.

Luckely I know that the next day everything will be fine again. And that I don’t have to be to scared, because you always have to try to reach my dreams. That’s the most important. I try to keep saying to myself that no one will blame me when it isn’t working out well. I just can try the best I can, and hope for the best.

During my sleepless night I send a brave e-mail, I ordered a new weavingloom, ordered new yarns for a project, did some crochet, made new walk-walk-walk videos, made this blogpost, drunk tea, ate milka-chocolate-with-oreo.





11 Responses to “A sleepless night.”

  1. Iris Vank Says:

    The night can shed a weird light on the world. How admirable you turned the night around and used it as a good thing!

  2. Teresa Says:

    I understand your night-time over thinking, it’s great that you used that time in a positive way. A new day always brings hope!

  3. Elle Says:

    Thanks you for such a honest post. I have those kinds of nights sometimes…and I think that’s just a proof of humilty and that’s a good point! Keep going Hermine with your talents!

  4. Karen Barbé Says:

    I thank your honesty with this post. You know I’m haunted by these same fears not also at night, but during the day when I have to deal with daily business/design problems. I don’t have a comforting answer, just somehow things go on and get better. You are oh so creative and talented, so keep trying, don’t give up and believe in yourself (despite all this inner thinking that usually advises the contrary).

  5. eranfaraway Says:

    I have these nights too. I love how you see them. I usually just waste them away worrying and wishing I could sleep. You inspired me, so next time I will try to do things that make me happy.

    Your designs are lovely. I enjoy reading your blog because of the kindness I feel through your writing. I think being kind can be harder than being indifferent. Your kindness is proof of the strength that will guide you through sharing your designs with the world!

  6. Nina Says:

    I agree with the things others already said. I think every creative persons has those bad nights. I usually make them worse by comparing myself to others, looking at portfolios etc… therefore it’s great to see that you can actually spend these nights in a productive way.
    Thank you for writing honestly about this. I always try to tell myself that we will be fine.

  7. Jolien Says:

    you’ve put your sleepless night to good use!

  8. It’s hard to stay positive but it’s important.
    Have a great night

  9. Marianne At Says:

    this is so great that you feel the same ! i’m constantly scared of me and constantly doubting whether it’s worth walking to my dream or not and nights ! oh, these nights ! i can not count them with my fingers and toes i think !! there is one good jewish idiom my friend told me once, which can work perfectly for all of us – ‘whatever happened – go to bed’
    indeed ! camomile tea -> bed
    have good dreams, Hermine !


  10. Ine Buysse Says:

    Ik weet er alles van. Fijn dat je zo eerlijk bent en uw angsten durft toe te geven. Het maakt u zeer menselijk ;-).

    Ik ken u eigenlijk helemaal niet, en jij mij nog minder. Via het winterboek van Flow ben ik op je site terecht gekomen en heb je me geïnspireerd om opnieuw de pen ter hand te nemen, waarvoor dank.
    Ik had graag met jou geschreven, maar gezien je waarschijnlijk al lijdt onder een overaanbod, zal ik je de vraag niet stellen.

    Blijf vooral doen wat je doet.


  11. karin Says:

    Hello Hermine,
    I know such nights. But the best thing of them is ( for me), that I get some of my best ideas during those nights 🙂

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