I’ve been a little absent last week. I was very very sick (again … ). But I start to recover, and I’m so so relieved that I can make little walks again. It’s good to have some fresh air, but I’m also very happy when I’m back in my bed.
I love when my friends visit me. I can’t believe that they come all the way from Belgium to see me. They are the sweetest. And the coffee-moments I spend with them are my biggest treasures.

I’m doing a (very small) research, on knitting. I’m testing some patterns, I’m not so good with knitting, so this is a challenge. Just for fun.

It start to get freezing cold in Paris. I’m so exited because of that. Finally I can wear the beautiful mittens that Vibeke (from a butterfly in my hair) have knitted for me. She’s the best !)







12 Responses to “Greenhouses.”

  1. Iris Vank Says:

    Pretty pictures. I hope you feel all better soon!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Mah, zo’n mooi breiwerkje!

  3. Patrice A. Says:

    fijn dat je je alweer wat beter voelt
    je breiwerkje is nu al fijn
    en die eerste foto mijn favoriet
    ik ben jaloers op je prachtige wanten!

    door je foto’s enorm veel zin
    weer eens naar Parijs te gaan

    Patrice A.

  4. kakurenaide Says:

    take good care of yourself!!

  5. eranfaraway Says:

    You’re knitting is beautiful! I am trying to learn from a book, but hasn’t attempted patterns like yours. I hope you don’t get sick again and can enjoy the rest of winter!

  6. yoojin Says:

    Love your knitting, so cute! .) 🙂 And a great pattern! 🙂

    Being sick is awful. 😦 Hope, you get well soon!

  7. evdokia t. Says:

    wish you a total & quick recovery!
    pretty cactuses & lovely mittens!
    enjoy december!

  8. Beautiful knitting. Hope you feel better. Have
    a good day!

  9. wat een mooie serre!
    veel succes met je breiwerk 🙂

  10. Laura Says:

    Lovely pictures – wonderful idea to show green plants in winter – greenhouses being such a world apart! Vibeke’s mittens are so beautiful and how nice to have such a good friend!
    There is some spring in the air now and maybe in March, when you return home, you will enjoy many flowers in the gardens as well.

  11. Louise Says:

    Your little knitting experiment is just lovely, great pattern!

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