Early morning letters.


The last 2 days I wake up very early so I could go to Café Coutume before I had to go to work. I sat there for an hour, writing letters. That’s my little secret moment. Walking in the streets while everything is still waking up. Writing, early-morning-letters, and drinking delicious coffee. It seems that I picked up the thread of writing letters, I enjoy it again, and so I promise that everyone who’s waiting for a letter will get one.

There is a lot of news about my work. Like a window of a shop with my textiles, my work with an article of a trend-bureau, and other things that you all might like. To follow everything, subscribe on facebook.

Don’t forget to vote, just 6 days left.





I received a lot of beautiful letters last months, but I don’t find the time to share them with you on my ‘leters to treasure blog’. I’m blessed by receiving all these beautiful treasures, and soon I’ll show them to you all !


7 Responses to “Early morning letters.”

  1. Jolien Says:

    I voted for your carpet, it is really perfect! It looks so soft 🙂

  2. Txell Says:

    My vote is done. Good luck from Barcelona 🙂

  3. Beautiful work. I found out about you through
    Pin pals. Do you do letter exchange only with
    close friends? I would love to do mail/ letter exchange. Let me know. You can find more about me at Flickr shimmergirl. I hope you don’t mind me asking. Have a good day! Yes I did voted for you of course. I love your work.
    Good luck. Catherine. I live in New York so if you are ever visiting I can give you address. I love coffee too. A total addict.

  4. dear

    i am writing these words with happiness because now i have just made myself a wordpress account so i can get to comment here at your beautiful blog!: )

    i am crossing my fingers for the competition,
    my vote is of course done.

    lovely days to you,

  5. heleen Says:

    Oh joepie, Cafe Coutume is 1 van m’n lievelingsadresjes in Parijs 🙂 wat leuk ook dat je werk zoveel aandacht krijgt, je mooie designs verdienen het!

  6. Elke Says:

    Ooh! Wat een mooie brieven! Wat zou ik ook graag aan het brieven schrijven gaan, misschien moet ik maar eens een poging wagen!

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