For the first time I’m sick in Paris. It’s not nice, however I now have the chance to stay a day at home. I find it hard to stay home, when I know that there is so much to discover outside. But now I have to stay in bed. I have to be better soon, because there is a lovely friend visiting me this weekend.
Until soon.

In the pictures:
* My bed, where I stay all day. Try to crochet a bit, and sleep.
* Crochet work for a pull. I never done this before, so I’m really excited
* My first macaron I ate in Paris
* A little new weaving work next to a post-card of Beau Travail.








11 Responses to “#######”

  1. I hope you get better soon, keep warm! And just checked your previous post and voted for you too, good luck 🙂

  2. yoojin Says:

    Hopefully you’ll get well soon! Wonderful pictures. 🙂 So many inspiring works. 🙂

  3. Sophie Says:

    Oh, hope you will get better for the weekend!

  4. Karen Barbé Says:

    Dear Hermine, hope you get well soon.

  5. verzorg je goed. mooi weefwekje. alles is mooi eigenlijk.

  6. Labrynthe Says:

    Get well soon lovely, inspiring, talented woman ^^

  7. marjo?! Says:

    Hoooo your pull is so lovely ! and so is your little weaving sample ♥ you are so talented (even when sick!) Get better soon ! : )

  8. karin Says:

    I like the pieces I see here. And wish you are well soon.

  9. sarapirat Says:

    stay warm, rest well!

  10. Elle Says:

    Hope you’re ok now. I really love the mix of colors you’ve chosen.

  11. Hannah Says:

    oh no, i know it’s hard to be sick when you’re a stranger in a new city without as many friends or family as you were surrounded by back home. i hope you could find some comfort in your warm blankets, greetings from afar and are already getting better!

    i’m even more in love with the mint/lemon/teal crochet piece than i was from the post before!

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