Last weekend I bought a nice crochet-book. It has beautiful pictures, and a lot of new stitches. I like to try out new patterns and colors. I always crochet on my way to work on the metro. But it seems that it’s really rare, because the people often look at me like I’m an alien. Hopefully I convince them to start crocheting again.
For already a long time I’m dreaming of crocheting a cardigan, so at the moment I’m trying out different patterns and colors. And soon I’ll decide what I love the most. I’ll keep you posted about my creation process.

I also start to make stamps. It’s my first try, so it’s not perfect. But I like doing it.
And I finally started a new sketch-book (something that I wanted to do for 2 years), with little drawings to make textile patterns. Maybe later they will transform in silk scarfs … who knows ?

Until soon !








13 Responses to “******”

  1. I really like this king of post. You do a lot of things. You try always new things and It’s so important.
    These patterns will be gorgeous.

  2. yoojin Says:

    Lovely post!! 🙂 🙂 It’s so inspiring seeing other persons are involved in different kind of projects too. 🙂

    I also knit and crochet on my way to work and everyone is looking at me too! 😉 Haha, but I don’t care. 😀

  3. Marie Says:

    There is a great japanese bookshop in Paris : Junkudo (M° Pyramides), http://www.junku.fr/, a great place to find beautiful books to crochet !

  4. Hannah Says:

    i crochet, too, while taking the train to university. in the beginning, it made me really nervous and thus slow because of people eyeing me so much but i always get the nicest feedback on my projects, mostly from elder women but also from girls my age. actually, a lot of people seem to do it, but there’s not much representation of it in public so let’s keep on showing it, shall we? haha!

    anyway, your pics encouraged me to start something a bit outside my normal colour range (LOVE the first pic!), so i’m off to crochet. have a nice day!

  5. Jolien Says:

    such pretty photographs, they always inspire me.

  6. Teresa Says:

    I love the stamps, nice idea!
    I like to imagine how those little drawings will be textile patterns.

  7. very pretty colours!
    i am thinking about crocheting a big egg-tablecloth from white and orange cotton yarn that i have.
    i think it would look nice on a breakfast table 🙂
    i just have to figure out how i will crochet it.

  8. G Says:

    Love your simple pattern drawing and very lovely color on your crochet work.
    I crochet too, but I just do it at home. Maybe I shall try crochet outside, but it is too cold to do it now.

  9. Elle Says:

    Always new projects,I think that’s the best decision to keep in mind! Nice beginning( love the colors)!

  10. maria Says:

    Oh the colors Hermine, so pretty, so pretty!

  11. Hermine Says:

    Thank you all for your sweet words. They make me even more happy about my new work, then I already was. And I look forward to show you my proces

  12. sarapirat Says:

    funny that i always expereince the same while knitting on the public transport or other public spots..people really do look at me like i am an alien! nice stamps and prints, beautiful creativity!

  13. marjo?! Says:

    The crochet in the first picture looks sooo nice ! I love these colors, and this big stitch ♥

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