A walk with Julie.


Yesterday I had my first walk with a very sweet and beautiful Parisienne. Her name is Julie, and she makes wonderful artworks.
I think we were both a bit nervous, but isn’t that always when you meet someone new ?

We went to eat delicious soup in a chinese restaurant. I’m definitely the most clumsy soup-eater-with-sticks in the world. But it was fun. Afterwards we made walks in Belleville. It’s a lovely area with a lot of beautiful houses, views and a few lovely shops.

What a nice day.







9 Responses to “A walk with Julie.”

  1. Studio Meez Says:

    Wat leuk dat je Julie hebt ontmoet en wat een leuke plaatsen die je hebt bezoekt.

  2. Lovely photos dear Hermine and so nice you have got a new friend!

  3. Elisse Says:

    Niet meer dan normaal dat je wat zenuwachtig was 🙂 Blij dat het zo goed is meegevallen! En hoera voor nieuwe vrienden maken in nieuwe steden 🙂

  4. It was a beautiful day… I was nervous, but also so happy… Thanks a lot for your present… I’ll send you something soon… Have a beautiful day dear Hermine… Baisers

  5. karin Says:

    funny pictures, look inspiring and happy.

  6. adeline Says:

    what a beautiful day! Julie and you!!!

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