Autumn is there, the days are getting colder, and that makes me so happy. Can’t wait till it will start freezing again.
The last days I’m dreaming a lot about my future, and I dream about my own atelier. With a lot of cones, wires and a weavingloom. Something together with my sweet friends. Dream about new collections, and new adventures.

At the moment I’m busy with several different project. First of al with my internship, which is really interesting. I made already a couple of beautiful samples for a Haute Couture collection. So sad that I can’t show you what I’m doing, because it all have to be a secret until their collection is launched. I’m crocheting more cushion, and today I bought a nice crochet book, so I want to try out some new stitches for a scarf. I’m writing a lot of letters, make walks, and work on my new Paris blog (which I will update tonight, so keep an eye on it !)

And other good news, from the beginning of March my blankets will be for sale. So happy that I get the oportunity to realize a real collection ! I keep you posted about my production process.

Enjoy your sunday.
I will, because tomorrow I’ll meet the sweet Julie. I’m excited.






2 Responses to “Autumn.”

  1. Herfst. En Parijse blaadjes met een tikkeltje glitter komen tot in mijn brievenbus waaien. Dat was bijzonder leuk! Misschien waait er iets terug…

  2. coco Says:

    hello hermine. was nice to hear from you.

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