Journal de Jours in Paris.


For a while I was searching for a way to share my favorite addresses in Paris with you. I’m discovering a lot of nice places, and I want to show them to you all. So finally I have a solution … A new blog !! So feel free to visit. I try to put new addresses online every week. Hope to see you there as well.





Oh, other good news. There is an interview about me and my love for weaving in the newest Frankie Magazine. I didn’t had the chance to read it myself, so I’m very curious how it looks like. But hopefully soon, they’ll send me a copy.

(by the way, while I was creating my other blog. I discovered that I’m pretty bored by this template-layout of my blog here. So maybe soon you’ll see some changes to the layout of this blog. I want it to be more transparant and airy, like the artworks from Fabrice Hyber that I saw in Palai de Tokyo last weekend. Sometimes it’s time for a change)


2 Responses to “Journal de Jours in Paris.”

  1. karin Says:

    I like already the photo of you behind your stuff.

  2. Hedy Says:

    Hoi Hermine, het artikel in Frankie magazine ziet er erg goed uit, het is 5 pagina’s lang, mooie lay out, goede foto’s natuurlijk en een leuk interview. De hele 50ste Frankie uitgave is overigens erg mooi en je past er prachtig in. Nog even geduld…

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