The weekend.


I’m always looking forward to the weekend. Because then I’ve time to discover my new city, Paris. This weekend was rainy, but I enjoyed it though.

For 2 weeks long I was searching for a nice coffeebar, because here in Paris the coffees are mostly very expensive and not delicious. But today it has changed because I found a lovely place to drink good coffees !! I never been so happy as when I sipped my first good coffee here in Paris.

I made a promise to myself to visit an exhibition every weekend. A week ago I went to Centre Pompidou, and today I went to Palais de Tokyo. I’m really impressed by the museum, and most of all by the exhibition of Fabrice Hyber. So if you live / visit / … Paris, then you should go to that museum. (By the way, they have a photomaton in Palais De Tokyo, where you can take 4 pictures for just 2 euros. Fun !)

Other things I saw last weekend: Beautiful birds on the market.







I’m thinking about a way to share my favourite places in Paris with you. But I still haven’t found a good solution. But I’ll let you know if you can find them somewhere online.


9 Responses to “The weekend.”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I’m glad you found a good coffee! It seems like you are getting used to your new city.
    I’ll write to you this week! xx

  2. angelica Says:

    have fun in paris! and pls do share some lovely spots of the city!

  3. *M* Says:

    There is a small, beautiful museum, the Musée Ossip Zadkine :

    Have a nice week on Paris !

  4. yoojin Says:

    Love the second picture. Reminds me of Alice (in Wonderland) somehow.
    Wish you a lovely time in Paris!

  5. Coffee is always very important, glad to hear you found a nice cafe near your new home!

  6. Lisa Says:

    Oh, die lieve vogeltjes, volgende keer het kooitje opendoen dat ze vrij zijn, ma petite parisienne!

  7. heleen Says:

    Ik denk dat je ‘Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature’ ook leuk zou vinden, midden in de Marais wijk 🙂 en de beste koffie die ik ooit in Parijs heb gedronken was in Coutume! Ik geniet erg van je Parijs-posts trouwens!

  8. let’s have a café soon !!!!!!

  9. Sara Martins Says:

    we used to have a lot of photomatons in Porto but now…none!
    i miss taking pictures there!

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