Dowry (2).


I’m working on new pieces for my dowry. Crocheted cushions. I started this project almost a year ago, but there was something about the technique that I didn’t understand. About 3 months ago I started trying again, and it finally works ! In the pictures I only can show you the cushions that I started here in Paris. But at my home in Belgium I have others who are already finished. Like this one.

For the cushions I’m very inspired by the best cushion-maker-of-the world, Renilde from at-swim-two-birds. She uses the same crochet technique. I’m saving money to buy one of her beautiful creations, because they are so beautiful. Real treasures.

Thank you all for your sweet messages about my stay in Paris. It’s going better (although today I feel a bit sick), and I start to understand what people say to me. Oh, and I look forward to meet some of you here in Paris.





9 Responses to “Dowry (2).”

  1. angelica Says:

    its always beautiful what you make.

  2. Teresa Says:

    Lovely cushions! How is this crochet technique called?

    Wish all the best for you in Paris.

  3. Agustina Says:

    Your work is wonderful, as well as Renilde’s.
    What is the name for this kind of technique?

    Enjoy Paris!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Lieve Hermine, dat zijn weer prachtige werkjes! Hopelijk voel je je vandaag weer wat beter. Veel plezier daar!

  5. maarditterzijde Says:

    Mooie kussentjes inderdaad! Ik wens je ook veel plezier in Parijs. Geniet ervan!

  6. mayken Says:

    Ze zijn supermooi Hermine! Ik ontdekte ook zo’n steek in mijn stekenboekje, misschien moet ik het ook eens proberen?

  7. sarapirat Says:

    success hermine, en mag ik je adres in parijs? ik ben HEEL laat met een antwoord, en knopjes op te stuuren. success daar, en oh wij hebben hetzelfde schoenen! (or how do you say it in dutch?!)


  8. Carissa Says:

    Oh please tell us what the crochet technique is called! So beautiful! I’ve always wanted a reason to finally learn crochet.

  9. Estella Says:

    I like your circular cushions even better than the square one by Renilde de Peuter!
    I started making one today!

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