First days.


My first days in Paris were like a rollercoaster. First of all I was very nervous to move to a city where I don’t know anyone, where I don’t speak the language, … . My parents drove me and my stuff to Paris. And say ‘goodbye’ was hard, even when it’s just for a few months. There were a lot of tears. I thought a bikeride was the perfect way to make me happy again. But I was lost in the city, with my bike. I searched for more than an hour how to get back to my Paris-home. So scary. But I managed to get back home, and if I think about it now, it make me laugh. Just have to breath in and out, and don’t be scared.

But I’m happy that the internship has started. I’m all day long between beautiful fabrics. At the moment the whole company is cutting samples for all the clients. But soon we start weaving for a very very very famous brand (but I can’t say anything about it). Soon I’ll show you my growing-collection of little pieces of the fabrics.

The internship made me realize why I’m in Paris. To weave, and to be in between fabrics all day long. That’s what I want to do !





By the way, I still didn’t picked a winner for my give-away. So I should do it now. The winner is: Maria from Floor-number-foor. Please, can you send me your address so I can send you your present ? Winnar-picker.


15 Responses to “First days.”

  1. Hello Hermine,

    Are you interning at Malhia Kent? I interned there last year and really enjoyed it. Being around beautiful woven fabric and meeting new and lovely people. I hope you will enjoy it too.

    I too lost my home in Paris three times, so don’t worry.

    I also wanted to add that I admire your weaves, your choice of colour and textures. x

  2. aisforanika Says:

    I know what it’s like to be alone in a new place. It’s a challenge, but almost always worth it! To be swimming in fabrics all day does sound like a dream. Best of luck with the internship!

  3. Gisteren mocht ik mijn besteld kookboek van Rachel Khoo (My little Paris kitchen) ophalen. Ik was een grote fan op BBC van haar.

    Bij het doorbladeren heb ik aan jou gedacht.

    Je hebt jouw weg terug gevonden, hoe dat doet er niet toe. Geniet van het zoeken. Parijs heeft zoveel bijzondere plekken, geuren, mensen….

  4. joana Says:

    hi hermine! i just saw your previous post… like you i came to paris for an internship 🙂 but that was last may, so i’ve been here for a while…

    i felt the same thing… it’s kind of a lonely feeling to move to a place where you don’t know anyone and don’t speak the language… even though i came here with my boyfriend.

    but i’m writing this to let you know that i’d love to meet you and go for a hot tea sometime 🙂 just let me know!

  5. fanja Says:

    it’s never easy to move to a different country but how very rewarding especially if you are doing the things you love. Enjoy! (i’ll email soon..) x

  6. maria Says:

    so happy for you, this sounds so exciting. I am sure you will learn so much and they can be happy to have you

  7. emmel Says:

    Ik wil je wel een kaartje sturen vanuit het thuisfront…

  8. I got Pia Jane Bijkerk’s book “My heart wanders” as a present last week. Did you read it? She tells about her moving to Paris, and how she got lost there in the beginning 🙂 Apart from all the beautiful pics in the book the text is very well written and gives you sty. to think about.

    Good luck to you! Have a fab time in Paris.
    Groetjes, Maja

  9. Welcome to Paris!
    If you want to, we can meet each other somewhere in Paris a day… My english is not perfect but I’m sure we will understand each other… Next week is a little busy for me, but the week after it’s going to be calmer for me… So e-mail me if you want to… Or you can also send me letter to tell me… Take care…
    Oh by the way did you get my letter in Belgium for your birthday before you left?
    Have a beautiful day Hermine…

  10. alexandra Says:

    Don’t worry, Hermine, being alone in a completely new enviroment is intimedating for everyone. New begginings are hard. I’m sure everything will be alright very very soon. You’re lucky to be in Paris, i bet it’s beautiful. 🙂

  11. Verónica Says:

    I whish you the very best! Enjoy your stay there and learn as much as possible! 🙂



  12. Best of luck for your new start in Paris! I am sure everything will seem way easier after the big adventure on your first day there, enjoy discovering Paris (even if you are getting lost in it)!

    Also, I am very happy for winning your giveaway, thank you! x

  13. evie Says:

    congratulations, the internship sounds so exciting. paris – also, not such a bad city to become lost in hey : ) i wish you all the courage in following your dream between fabrics x

  14. marjo?! Says:

    Your internship sounds cool ! And your place looks cute already !
    You should definitely relax about being in Paris, I’m sure you’ll get used to it eventually ! And wandering in foreign places is a great feeling (especially if you find your way bakc home in the end!). Enjoy your time in Paris : )
    (I was thinking, you should go to “La cité florale” in 13th arrondissement, it’s a vey small neighborhood with looovely houses and flowers ♥)

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