Almost Paris.


Just one week, and then I’ll move to Paris for my internship. I’m already really nervous. Last week I was in Paris to check the room where I can live temporary. It’s small but cosy. During this 2 days I already was a little bit lonely, the language is so difficult to me, and I was wondering why I had this idea of leaving Belgium for a while. Ofcourse, to learn more about weaving. But it will be hard in the beginning, and I’ll miss my friends and family so much.

So, if there are some people who read my blog, and live in Paris. Please, do you want to show me your city ? And drink coffees together ? That would be so nice !

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I celebrated my birthday by drinking coffee, eating ice cake, and went to the exhibition of Madame Grès in the MoMu in Antwerp. It was a nice day !







20 Responses to “Almost Paris.”

  1. Saskia Says:

    I can imagine that really taking the step to move to Paris must be difficult, although it must seem like a dream to many.
    I hope you will settle in quickly.
    Bon voyage & bon courage!

  2. sara Says:

    hihi ik heb hetzelfde roze-storage boekje

    maar Parijs gaat super zijn
    maak je maar geen zorgen om eenzaamheid
    de tijd vliegt voorbij en je leert vast snel mensen kennen en hé je zit in de mooiste stad van Europa (vind ik toch!)
    en België is maar een treinritje verwijderd 😉

  3. Esther Says:

    Heel erg veel plezier in Parijs, Hermine!
    Ik ben verliefd op de schoenen die je aan hebt op deze foto’s.

  4. Nana Says:

    I’d be glad to show you around :)) I’m an expat myself!

  5. Marie Lou Says:

    Oh I wish I was still in Paris ! I would have loved to show you around !! Spend some time around the Canal St-Martin and go visit Shakespear & Co at night !

  6. maya Says:

    I would love to explore around with you, unfortunately i am in england (brighton)… ! i just moved here myself, take courage! xx Maya

  7. labrynthe Says:

    Hello! I’m quite a new follower. Good luck on your move to Paris! And I’m excited to see your future posts ~

  8. marjo?! Says:

    I wish I still lived in Paris too ! Marie Lou’s recommendations are great, lovely spots ! I can give you some other nice places / things to do if you need, just ask me : )

  9. kakurenaide Says:

    Hi Hermine, have a nice safe trip to Paris. I hope you have gorgeous explorative and teaching moments there ❤

  10. It will be a pleasure for me to meet you in Paris… To show you some places… You can send me an e-mail when you’ll be there…

  11. wsake Says:

    i know this feeling so well… but i´m sure it´s going to be so great once you´re there and you´ll be having such an amazing time in Paris!

    all the best (and belated congratulations!)!

  12. Narumi Says:

    That’s such a nice experience, I’m sure you will enjoy Paris a lot ! I’d love to have coffee with you 🙂

  13. anne Says:

    wat leuk dat je naar parijs komt! het begin is altijd spannend, maar ik weet zeker dat je hier een geweldige tijd gaat hebben! ik wil je met plezier wat mooie plekjes laten zien, geef maar een seintje! liefs!

  14. Studio Meez Says:

    Nog een late gelukkige verjaardag!

    Parijs gaat geweldig zijn en ik kan niet wachten op jouw Parijs/posts.

  15. Fanny Says:

    I’m in Paris until the 6 October.
    I work with nanuk design since two weeks now for this event You have to see it !
    Send me an email when you’ll be there 😉 it’ll be great to see you.
    xx Fanny

  16. Sandrine Bailly Says:

    Hermine, i’d be very pleased to meet you and take you to some nice places places like La Halle Saint Pierre near Montmartre, a museum for naïve art, or Le Jardin des Plantes which are two of my favorite places. Just send a email when you’re in Paris

  17. éva-mona Says:

    I don’t live in Paris but that would be a pleasure to go for a coffee and walk around the city with you whenever I’m coming to visit there!

  18. Camila Faria Says:

    How exciting! I wish I was in Paris so we could have coffees together! Good luck and have fun!

  19. sylvi Says:

    i just love your velvet shoes.

  20. Catalina Says:

    Hi! I don’t live in Paris, but have been there many times, are you interested in something in particular? I live in La Rochelle.
    I will advise (as an inspiration source) the Ateliers at the Louvre (small workshops: one afternoon or few ones, not expensive at all, many subjects, look for them at their website)

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