There is a lot to celebrate.

First of all I’m almost posted 1000 blogpost, and this blog exist already more than 3 years. that’s a long time, but I really enjoyed making all the blogposts, and I love to see how many lovely people I met through this blog.

This friday it’s also my birthday. So I’m going to celebrate that with coffee and birthday cake.

Because all of this, I want do a celebration. And what’s better to celebrate something, than to give a presents ?

*** GIVE-AWAY ***

I will organize a give-away, the winnar will get a surprise. Can’t tell you what, but it will be something hand-made. So do you want to celebrate all this nice things with me, than post a comment about your most beautiful celebration-memory up here before Monday 24 september. And maybe you’ll be the lucky one who will win the surprise.

*** GIVE-AWAY ***





The pictures: I did a walk in Ghent with a friend, with this project. You should do it as well, really lovely. And you should also go to the FOAM-lab. *** I adopted Lisa her knitting machine, and now I’m making samples for a scarf ! *** My name tags for the Knots-collective-pop-up-store *** My cosy bed, which I really love.


36 Responses to “Celebration.”

  1. Elena Says:

    Hope you enjoy your birthday coffe. Yes, a happy happy birthday to you. And congratulations to all your recent achievements and productions.

    I was thinking about my birthday memories. I can’t think of any particular popping out. Birthdays aren’t perhaps my thing. It’s perhaps something to do with my past. However I do enjoy it when my kids like to celebrate me. Sweet papers crumpled up as gifts and birthday cakes they’ve made togehter with their father. It’s always a really good birthday when one can make others happy. Right?

  2. jenny Says:

    I would like to play but I don’t speak english very well.
    So just a few words
    In our family we love making gifts like that http://madamedoute.blogspot.fr/2012/09/happy-birthday.html

  3. karlee Says:

    Happy birthday Miss! I’d love something handmade – your work is so wonderful. My happiest birthday memory was this year – I came to Australia as a refugee alone, without my family, 5 years ago. This year, I turned 21 and my mother and sister were here with me – after 5 years with no contact. We had coffee, nothing fancy, but it was so nice to be with them after so long.

  4. ik vier ‘een twee’ deze week
    vier met jou mee in gedachten
    en zoals dat gaat met verjaren
    dat het nog lang mag duren
    hieperdepiep hoera!

  5. Hola, happy birthday for Friday, my birthday was yesterday and we spent it with family, my Granddads birthday is the day before mine so we always have a joint celebration, it was lovely and my Grandma made a cake. On saturday night my boyfriend and I went to the Plaza cinema round the corner from our house and they were having a nostalgia night so singing in the rain was on, so got to watch that on the big screen, it was super great, one of my all time favourite films. The celebration isn’t over yet though, next weekend we are going away for the night. I also got lots of wonderful thoughtful presents including a new camera, I feel spoilt and loved xxo

  6. maykencraenen Says:

    Ik heb niet zo’n bijzondere herinneringen aan mijn verjaardagen. Taart, een cadeautje, een handvol vrienden of zelfs alleen een lief, meer moet dat niet zijn.

    Maar nog méér pret heb ik waarschijnlijk gehad met het maken van cadeautjes voor verjarende mensen. Massieve keramieken tassen mét naam op, bladwijzers, kwartetten, en heuse pretpakketten. Waar ik mensen al niet mee heb opgezadeld, ik durf er soms niet aan denken. Maar bij elk cadeautje voelde ik me zelf een beetje jarig.

  7. Prudence Says:

    My most special celebration memory was having a picnic with (then) boyfriend on the lawns at the Eiffle Tower… we had visited the loveliest food market and stocked up for the best picnic lunch… we had bread, cheese, fruits, meats, herbs… and the most delicious banana yoghurt… we laid out our jackets to sit on and we feasted in the sun shine… after a time… and some words… and some tears… we were engaged!

  8. First of all I’ll send you a happy birthday card for your birthday… I remember a nice and warm birthday, the one of Georgia, my biggest daughter for her one year… Just the dad, me and she… A simple cake i’ve made with apple… And a single candle… just the tree of us… Our new family… It was amazing, so peaceful… The kind of hapiness… We were up of the time… So today I’m crossing my fingers to play with you…
    And tell me when you’re coming to Paris, It will be a pleasure to meet you and to show you some place I like to go…

  9. (I have this return letter that’s been written for you for months now, but just haven’t sent it – you’ve been doing so much, and have been so busy. Perhaps I’ll send it along for your birthday, even though it’s outdated – but you have moved, correct?)

    My wedding reception. The dancing. We and our friends danced to “Hybrid Moments” and “Love is Strange” and some of us spilled our drinks while others laced arms and jumped without looking. There were speeches, of course, but they only punctuated the soundtrack that my husband, his best man (our best friend), and I carefully pieced together the day before in a mom-and-pop diner on the outskirts of the city. The way the food tasted, the forcible hugs and whispered congratulations, all lose their detail but the music remains. Mud on our shoes, one chorus after another up and out of our throats. So many of those friends I hadn’t seen, some in years, but we danced together and I remember them by the jerks and twists of their legs and the limp-wristed winging of their arms. This was a celebration if I’ve ever had one – if I’ve ever been to one. I know it because there’s nothing hard; I know it because every thing I think about those songs and our dancing and our yawping, stomping, smiling through sweat and walls of sound, every thing I think is good. And warm. And lasting.

  10. marta Says:

    happy birthday and happy birthday week – I celebrated my daughter´s birth two and a half years ago with the best sleep ever, three in the bed for the first time! it felt like a the best celebration as I was so excited and the happiest I have been in my life – I also felt the luckiest when my friends threw us a surprise wedding party! last may, 6 months after we got married in a super intimate wedding for three , lovely dinner and handmade lights and brilliant music and dancing in the most beautiful garden, the best wedding celebration I have been to! – I hope you get to have lovely celebrations in your life

  11. Saskia Says:

    Congratulations on a 1000 & your birthday ofcourse! The celebration that really stuck by me, well actually 2 were the first birthdays of my sons. I don’t why, but them turning 1 felt like something so big to me. Let’s call the hormones shall we?
    Have a beautiful week!

  12. Eléonore Says:

    I wish you a wonderful birthday at the height of your talent!
    Full beautiful and good things to you!

    Have a nice week long celebration!

    Love and happiness!

  13. Lisa Says:

    Hi ha how Hermine, ik ben altijd te vinden voor een surprise!

    Mijn leukste verjaarmoment was dit jaar 24 juni om 00u ’s nachts. Ik was een beetje zatjes en iedereen was zo lief! Ik kreeg bloemen van mijn neef en kussen van iedereen en frietjes. En mijn verjaardag zelf vierde ik in de zetel met een rosse kater in mijn hoofd en series kijken op de laptop en mijn hart vol met liefde.

    Voor je verjaardag trakteer ik je op een koffie eerstvolgende keer 🙂

  14. Jessica Says:

    happy birthday, pretty girl! coffee and cake is the best birthday treat!!

    my favorite birthday memory is when my then boyfriend took me for a walk in the park after tea. in the middle of the park was an ice rink and we spontaneously decided to go ice skating:)

    hope your day is lovely x

  15. I wish you an happy friday birthday Hermine.

    I remember friends singing a birthday song in the street under my windows, few years ago. That was very nice et surprising.

  16. Jo Says:

    I have a nice celebration memory of my Dads 65th birthday – we organised a surprise breakfast – he goes out buying second hand stuff really early and when he came back he just pottered around in his shed for a long time without realising the kitchen was stuffed full of old friends and family. We were calling him to come for breakfast and when he finally did he was so taken aback and then so happy he cried. And we all sat down and ate a hearty breakfast. It was a very nice thing, I love to share breakfast, and it was a real surprise.
    That’s all – count me in for a surprise gift,

  17. Happy birthday, and all the best! Hope you had some lovely time!

    On my 20th birthday my friend got me a ticket for the sex pistols reunion concert and we celebrated it there with a pile of chocolates and one candle on the top (we couldn’t exactly bring a birthday cake), it was a great laugh!

  18. Verónica Says:

    Wow! So much to celebrate! Congratulations Hermine!

    I’m so glad for having found your two blogs one day and even for having the opportunity of sharing a couple of letters with you!! ^^

    My best memories regarding the celebration of any of the important dates or achievements always have something in common: to be surrounded by my loved ones… that’s the most important thing for me in life 🙂

    My best wishes from Spain! * I wish you a lovely day!

  19. meg Says:

    Best wishes for your Birthday! My most special birthday celebration memory is also my saddest. My grandfather was very ill in hospital and my mother was at his bedside. I was sure that my birthday had been forgotten when my Dad arrived home from work with my favourite ice cream cake. It was so special as it was my Mom who always did this sort of thing and I was so touched that he had remembered. Without Mom at home we didn’t know what to eat for dinner so we ate the whole cake just the two of us.

  20. Patrice A. Says:

    verjaardagen in de breedste zin van het woord
    er zijn er verschillende
    de verjaardag toen ik een klein kompasje kreeg van mijn lief in een prachtig op maat gemaakt zilveren doosje aan een ketting zodat ik altijd de weg kan vinden, hij werkte toen al bijna 9 maanden daar waar we heen zouden verhuizen
    de 2e verjaardag van onze jongste in ons nieuwe huis met slingers gemaakt van crepe papier toen hij samen met zijn iets oudere broer de hele tijd de trappen op en neer moesten want dat kende ze niet komende uit een appartement
    onze trouwdag samen met onze jongens, toen 4 en 6, met een feestje in de tuin op een hele warme zomerse dag met allemaal enorme bloemen en boeketten
    en onze sinterklaasvieringen, de verjaardag van sinterklaas vol zelfgemaakte cadeaus, té leuk

  21. Floddertje Says:

    Happy birthday then 🙂 and congratulations with everything. I send you an imaginary piece of cake! Lots of love, Flaurette.

  22. alessandra Says:

    Happy celebrations Hermine!

  23. Merlijne Says:

    Al sinds mijn kindertijd geeft een verjaardagsontbijt mij een ultiem feestelijk gevoel. Toen ik heel klein was betekende dat dat ik mijn thee met melk uit ‘het kopje met het gouden randje’ mocht drinken. En dan wist ik: vandaag ben ik jarig!

    Gefeliciteerd met deze mooie week en heb een reuze fijne dag vrijdag!

  24. Marie Lou Says:

    My most beautiful celebration memory is of my 18 birthday. It probably was the less celabrating birthday of all, but it was the one who meant the most to me. I spend it in a plane getting to London. And at 18 I was finally where I dreamt to be during 6years. A dream come true. I remember feeling so happy, and while dinner with the Polish family I stayed a few days with, I said it was my birthday and when they all wished me Happy Birthday it was one of the most meaningful bithdays of my life .

    Happy Birthday to you
    Love xxx


  25. anne Says:

    hiep hiep hoera! genoeg redenen voor een welverdiend feestje 🙂

    mooie verjaardagsherinnering:
    picknicken op een bootje al varende door de amsterdamse grachten, een handvol verjaardagspost en mooi-versierde cadeautjes openmaken 🙂

    proost op jou! x

  26. marjo?! Says:

    Happy birthday Hermine !
    I must say I discovered your blog a few days ago, and I almost read it all, and I really thank you because all what you do, say, and show makes me really happy ! I hope one day I can send you letters too ! (you might be too busy now..?)
    If I had to choose one birthday memory, it was for my 18th birthday, and my sister offered me a rose and a special letter, I had tears of joy, because it showed how much we love each other even if we don’t really say it every day : )
    I whish you a very nice celebration, and a good cake, always !!


  27. Jesse Lu Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday! The celebration that comes to mind was a birthday party I had when I was about 10 years old. We planned a scavenger hunt in my neighborhood, and all my friends and I broke into teams in search of goodies like thimbles and red buttons and nickels. But right in the middle it started to rain which you would think might put a damper on the activities, but no… not at all. We kept hunting through the drizzle and pour into the gray evening. It was so much fun! I wish I could plan a party like this again as a grown-up, perhaps I’ll have to wait until I have children of my own. 🙂

    I hope your birthday is lovely!

  28. Niina Says:

    Oh,late birthday congratulations to you!
    I guess one of my best birthdays was five years ago when my boyfriend took me to Tallin for a day..we drove around,saw beautiful places,ate good food and just had really fun.

  29. Dear Hermine,
    Happy birthday to you sweet girl!
    One of my best memories is the first Christmas my husband and I spend together here in Copenhagen. As you know he is from Peru and have not been celebrating Christmas for almost 20 years. So doing it in our small and tiny appartment, with a Christmas tree and our wonderful cat Osvald, was amazing. We have started to make our own Christmas traditions.
    This year will be the last Christmas with my cat Osvald, as he is 15 years and not feeling weel, so I will keep the memories for this Christmas, soon to come, in my heart always.

  30. sylvi Says:

    happy birthday! hyvää syntymäpäivää!

    on my last birthday i was living in a house with people from all over europe. that morning there was an apple pie and lots of sticky notes on the kitchen table. before going to school they had all written their birthday wishes in their own languages for me to find. so sweet.

  31. teresa Says:

    I so enjoy your writing and your photographs, your lovely fiber work. My favorite birthday memory – when I turned 10, our family camped in Colorado on our way home from Virginia. I woke early and went fishing with my Dad and brother and sisters, I remember catching a trout! The afternoon was playing in the campground, and after dinner I was so surprised to find a birthday cake (somehow my Mom made one) and presents! I received a radio alarm clock that I used through college, I loved it and the memories of that birthday.

  32. Karen Louwet Says:

    Gelukkige verjaardag, Hermine!
    Ik hoop dat je een hele fijne dag gehad hebt met lieve mensen om je heen.
    Ik verjaarde 2 weken gelen en heb ongelooflijk leuke herinneringen aan die dag. Het was een spannende dag want die dag begon ik op mijn stageplaats te werken. Daardoor was het ook niet makkelijk om iedereen te kunnen zien die ik wou zien. Maar ’s morgens ben ik heerlijk gaan ontbijten met mijn vriend, meteen na mijn stage werd ik getrakteerd op een etentje met mijn familie in een nieuw ontdekt restaurantje (altijd zo’n leuk gevoel om iets nieuws te ontdekken!) en erna zag ik mijn lieve vriendinnen op café. Een leuke spannende dag waarop ik iedereen zag die ik liefheb. En als kers op de taart kreeg ik op het einde van de dag een bijdrage voor mijn lievelingsfiets, waar ik al jaren een oogje op heb! Mijn dag kon niet meer stuk, en ik kijk met een grote glimlach terug op die fijne dag!

  33. Mien Says:


    Ik hoop dat je verjaardagskoffie en verjaardagstaart je heerlijk gesmaakt hebben!

    Mijn leukste verjaardag(sherinnering) dateert van twee jaar geleden, toen ik negentien werd. Ik voelde me de hele dag niet zo goed omdat het niet ging lukken mijn vrienden te zien op m’n verjaardag, en dat vond ik heel jammer. Omdat ik ’s avonds door mijn lief getrakteerd werd op een etentje werd mijn dag toch nog heel fijn toen, zeker omdat we ’s avonds nog naar de cinema gingen (voor de voorlaatste Harry Potter). Ik was natuurlijk weer mijn bril vergeten, dus zei hij me om te wachten op de trappen van de bibliotheek tot hij terug was met mijn bril. En toen hij weg was, zag ik een groepje aankomen, allemaal netjes naast elkaar op een rij, en in het midden van de rij een hoop lichtjes. Bleek dat hij zonder dat ik het wist mijn vrienden uitgenodigd had om mee te gaan kijken naar de film, om mij te verrassen. En de lichtjes bleken dus van een taart met veel kaarsjes te komen. Toen voelde ik mij echt heel geliefd en gelukkig 🙂

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